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Location of diagnostic connectors in driver footwell 7a?

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Does anyone happen to know what the location of the 4 diagnostic connectors under the drivers footwell in a 7a QC? there are several pictures below.

The only guess is that the tan and black ones are them? The manual says nothing other than that they are in the footwell. it shows a pictures with what looks like the crown of the connectors pointed toward the top. The pictures look closest to the black and tan ones?

There is no conector color code, wire color code, or position/orientation that makes sense according to the manual.

There are positions a b c and d. there are also positions 1 and 2. i have a simple jumper to get the terminals to connect, supposidly showing codes after 4 seconds. it looks like position b is not used at all.

If anyone could describe what they may know about the location of t


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That's them in your hand.
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