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MC powered '90 Coupe Quattro

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Hey guys,

New to the forum, but not new to Audi's. Finally picked up my dream car after wanting a Coupe since before I had a drivers license.

It is a bit of a frankencar, but has a clean shell which is very hard to find up here.
It is currently running a MC turbo engine (Audi 200?) on V2.2 megasquirt with a FMIC and full exhaust.

I bought it with the intention of doing a VR swap, but have come to terms with the fact that it's going to have to wait until after I am done school.

The first part of the project will be rebuilding the engine so that I can drive/enjoy it until I realistically have the time for the VR swap. My first and main question is what to do with the MC engine? It is burning oil heavily and has a knock until the engine has run for a minute or so and has had many hard miles put on it. I would like to keep the current engine because I have no experience with standalone systems and fear that changing a working system (other than re-tuning) is going to turn into the time sink that I am trying to avoid.

The plan of attack is to determine the source of the oil burn and knock, disassemble and hopefully get away with a hone/re-ring, new bearings and head rebuild. I was intending on running a HY35 Holset and I would ideally like to get 300HP.

Is this a realistic goal with this engine with minimal head work?

Very excited to get started on this, mo betta pics to come.

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So little progress has been made, getting my TDI swapped Toyota back on the road as my daily then I can get into this.

Some discoveries have been made though.

It is currently running (fairly well) on MS1 V2.2, but from what I can see it is only running fuel and using the stock ecu to control spark. Not 100% sure on this, but all of the wiring going from the VR sensors and the dizzy seems to be untouched. I'll have a better idea once I get my serial port-->usb converter to look at the map(s) in megatune and once I pull the engine I'll be able to see exactly what they have done, it's a bit of a rats nest currently.

I also did a leakdown test as I would like to pinpoint the oil burn. Definitely leaking from the valve seals, but also appears to have a leaking headgasket as I am getting air out of cylinder 3 when testing cylinder 2.

Trying to work out a deal for a B4 90 with blown headgaskets so that I can swap over the braking system as well as the front clip. I have a creased fender so now would be the obvious time to switch the clip. I am also pretty sure that the brake bomb is leaking, so again obvious time to do the switch.

I am waiting on S4 hubs so that I can switch the brakes as well, the car came with 17's but they are very rashed and finding decent (aka not chinese crap) 17's was proving difficult.

Engine will be pulled shortly and evenings will be spent at the machinists. I am very lucky to have someone that is willing to pass on his knowledge and usually free of charge.
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was this speedydtp's car?
No idea. Bought it locally in Ottawa, Ontario, apparently it has been in the guys family for 10 years. I would love to know some more about what its running if you or anyone knows anything about it.

I have confirmed that the Megasquirt is running fuel only. The MAC-11B ECU is still being used and appears to be chipped. I am thinking that I will leave this as is until I feel comfortable enough to switch to full standalone.
New wheel bearings and urS4/B5 hubs are ready to go in, so I had to find myself some new 5x112 wheels:

17" x 7.5" VW LeMans wheels by BBS, no curbage at all just some chipping paint. Paint stripped them last night and will respray them in the near future.

I think I have also come up with an alternative to Porsche 4 pot big reds, not as much bling but very easily adaptable and far cheaper. More on that when they are finished.
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I found some 20th GTI Recaro's for cheap cheap, luckily I spotted the how-to by maximusvad. I also picked up a leatherette rear bench from a B5 A4 because it was $9 seat day at the junkyard, I think it will be too wide to fit though. I think a black cloth rear bench from a golf/jetta might be closer to fitting.

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Question for anyone with chip experience in MAC-11 ECU's, it appears as though my ecu has been socketed. I am hoping someone can help me identify this chip although I'm kind of assuming I will have to pull it and have it read with an eprom reader as I have no experience with them.

Here's the pic:

Look familiar to anyone?
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