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McBoost: My Black CQ project

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So some know, Branden sold his CQ/S2/RS2 project to me and I picked up where he left off.

To start this topic a link to his project page:" onclick=";return false;

A photo of it as I bought it:" onclick=";return false;

Packed up in MN:

Towed behind this:

And dropped off in NY:

Into its new home with new friends:

Next to its younger bigger brother:

First things first. Removed all stickers and the pin strip (cell phone pic):
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So a client informed me that they wanted to us some of my Audis for her senior shoot, since her daughter is known as the Audi girl at school. During our meeting, I showed them photos of my cars and let her pick out which she wanted.

It ended up being my DD and the CQ, heh. Perfect, since those have plates on them.

Here are a few photos of such:
Cell phone:

Real cam:

Oh, and I picked up another car:
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love the all-trac! Audi's lookin good as always - sounds like that girl has good taste!
Yes she does!
I know I have been majorly MIA, I still have been shooting and around cars...

Merry Christmas!!

Big: ... as2014.jpg
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Twas a great time this weekend back in the coupe. First 40s in a bag, then a cars and coffee today.

Will be looking at the windows yet again. Now the driver side. Relay clicks, window doesnt work. I guess the car is telling me to fix the AC finally, heh.
Well, I finally brought the CQ over to my new house garage for a few things. I bought a new A/C condenser (old one has a leak you can hear when vacuuming it down) and want to dig into the windows.

The hood doesn't open anymore, so I am stuck. The hood release is very loose. :/ Any one know a good way to open it otherwise? I put the front end up but dont know where to start.

TIA, good to be back!

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You can use a long screw driver to pop the latch on each side. You will want to go in from the inside top corner of the headlights or somewhere near there. What you are looking for is a vertical silver ~3/16" bar with a loop bent in the top of it. Push the top of it to the side, toward the centerline of the car. There is one on each side. HTH!
Awesome, thanks Kirk.

Anyone have photos of the latches with the hood open? I would love to know exactly rather than many tries (really dont want to screw up the hood or headlights)
Dan - had this issue with my newest CQ - I went through the grille with a coat hanger wire while looking up from underneath the bumper with a flashlight - will try to get you some pictures
Thanks guys!!!!! Got it open with my longest screwdriver.

Issue before I started: Driver window did nothing, passenger window would roll down, but rarely roll up.

I picked up the Bentley and took the lower dash pad down. Metered the window relay, which checked out fine. Then onto the door switches. everything there checked out fine too, BUT if I squeeze the shit out of the switch and bend around the wiring plug, they would work 100%...

So I left the arm pull off and zip tied the switches to the door panel. I guess I need to rebuild or replace the switches... ... CSgC&dpr=1" onclick=";return false;

Those switches are on a bunch of different models.

893 959 855 switch for electric window regulator
4A0 959 855 A
Sweet thanks nribs, I would have never thought you could still buy them new. I bought three new ones tonight! Woot!

Took the car to a cruise in tonight, had a great time with a few acquaintances as none of my typical group showed. Met the newest owner of my old melange D2 A8. I traded that car in in southern PA, was sold to someone in Ithaca, then sold to someone in my area, heh. It is baaaaack...
and now, on the way to cars n coffee, the cruise control quit. ughs.
At least the cars looked nice together at cars n coffee today:

Still, I would have enjoyed it a bit more if the cruise control didn't give up tho.
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Those are two very different looking coupes!
A couple of weeks ago, I finally installed and fixed the windows issues. Phew.

Around that time, I bought a new condenser since the original one was the major A/C leak.

Today I finally dug into it. Removing the old one:

The new one (yes, I found one!):


Now just need to vacuum test it. If no leaks are found, then refill the R12.
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Just catching up on a couple other things. Picked up the S2 cross member and intercooler from Dave:

Also, I do not think I ever mentioned it, but when the KWs went in, the rear camber was off more than I wanted. We put them in the EDM machine and got to eroding:D

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dan: why did you make those eccentric spacers instead of trying camber bolts? for the fronts I had a friend make some spacers so I could use an M12 bolt on my KW V1 is for the B4 chassis ( M14 strut/knuckle bolt) vs CQ/B3 (M12 knuckle bolt)
audiPete said:
dan: why did you make those eccentric spacers instead of trying camber bolts? for the fronts I had a friend make some spacers so I could use an M12 bolt on my KW V1 is for the B4 chassis ( M14 strut/knuckle bolt) vs CQ/B3 (M12 knuckle bolt)
No eccentric spacers were made. Material was removed from the strut mount to allow for more positive camber.

Why? No cost. Having a machine shop in house with friends working in it, is helpful.
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