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McBoost: My Black CQ project

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So some know, Branden sold his CQ/S2/RS2 project to me and I picked up where he left off.

To start this topic a link to his project page:" onclick=";return false;

A photo of it as I bought it:" onclick=";return false;

Packed up in MN:

Towed behind this:

And dropped off in NY:

Into its new home with new friends:

Next to its younger bigger brother:

First things first. Removed all stickers and the pin strip (cell phone pic):
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I am taking my coupe to the Eurocar show in Cazenovia NY on Sunday, so I bought the car home last week and found the time to recheck the A/C system.

In 2016 I finally vacuum tested the system to check for leaks and found one in the condenser. An audi indy I know tracked down a new one (one of two left) and ordered it for me. I installed it in 2016, but finally got to rechecking for vacuum leaks tonight. It was great so my HVAC buddy came by with some R12 and got me back in business. He even used his own R12 as he doesnt need it for his job anymore so I still have my stash.

Anyone else going this weekend to either EuroMeet in Ithaca or Eurocar is Caz?
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Umm... all of my photos do not work anymore?! The URLs are correct, what gives?

**Fixed, thanks to whoever you are.
Well since my photos do not work on motorgeek anymore, I will no longer be updating this topic.

If any admin can look into this, I will be back.
Well well, after lurking again tonight I noticed some of my other posts had my photos working again, so I went back through this topic and re-edited them URLs back to image tags so the photos show up again.

I am glad to know I can still post photos here again. Although my topic has been very quiet, I will get back to this after a few of my other projects get finished up.

Personal thread jack: I dont think I posted these (the truck I picked up just before the alltrac, the MR2 was bought early 2016):

OEM as can be (how I like to start my projects):

The truck is currently getting a 22RE engine swap a little at a time in my garage. The MR2 has been worked over quite a bit.

If you want to see more of whatever, let me know.
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Glad to see you made it back, Dan! Keep up the good work on all your projects.
Awesome swap into what looks like a true survivor!!!

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Thanks guys. The truck was in new mexico from the beginning until sometime in the 90s, when the owner stuck it in a lean-to on barn. It remained there until the guy was old enough he asked his son to sell it. I bought it as soon as i saw it pop up.

This is how the inside rockers look:

This is how the truck looks currently:
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Well back at it, but just for the short term so I can sell the chassis. At least it will be on an engine stand so when I want to pull a part when I am getting other stuff powder coated/polished.

This bolt was a fun one.


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Nice. What do you plan to do with the engine before you put it in the coupe?

I would hang on to anything attached to the engine until you know for sure you will/won't use it. The fan motor is good to keep too since it's 500W and will mount to an RS2 shroud. Maybe some of the connections and wires for the batter too? Not sure if your coupe already has the battery relocated. I'm sure others can chime in too.
I will compression test it, if good, reseal it all and powder coat and polish everything. If not, a rebuild and the same.

I have the radiator, fan, motor, resistor bank, intake and everything but, the trans and downpipe. Next up pulling the wiring. Thanks for the convo we had a bit ago. I have a list of what other stuff I need now.
Found the newest A/C leak last fall. Tt was the compressor so I bought a new one and need to swap (and flush) the oil to swap backwards to oil that likes R12 as much as I do. heh.
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