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Also any good short blocks for sale? Maybe an engine that bent a couple valves? Love this car (B7 S4 Avant 6 speed) and bummed to find some sparkle in the oil and metal flakes in the oil filter pleats. I recently did the full timing chain job in my garage and wish I had just torn it fully down. I had seen some metal in the oil before but assumed it was coming from the worn timing chain components.

I’m sending the oil to Blackstone to test but wanted to see if there’s anything common on these engines. Car has 120k on the clock. PO changed the oil at the dealer every 10k (kills me that he followed that interval recommendation). I change it every 3.5k. I’ve done a compression test and all cylinders were near equal but low at 145 psi. Then did a leak down test that passed with flying colors…like 2% leak. I scoped the cylinders and see no deep scoring but some signs of a wear patch on each cylinder about half way down. No way of know if it’s a slight discoloration or something worse from just looking on the scope screen. It burns about a quart every 3500 miles. Metal fragments in the filter pleats are shiny/bright flakes and not magnetic. Hard to see in photos but about 0.5mm in size and there probably a few hundred pieces in the filter. Engine was very very clean inside when I did the timing chains. Cams / valve train look perfect.

Also any good short blocks for sale? Maybe an engine that bent a couple valves?

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Pics from the timing chain job. Timing chain pic is from before all new guides, chains, tensioners were installed.

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