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Misc cheap parts that will be recycled soon.

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No prices, what is it worth to you?

b4 90:
black center console/ebrake surround
black shifter surround
access to (neighbor) - black interior, 12v v6 engine, 01a transmission, grill, and likely more - pm me.

Coupe Quattro:
ABS Pump
ABS Computer under back seat
Fuel rail
Intake manifold
ECU - 893 906 266B Hitachi 2plug
Hydraulic brake booster
Grey interior, only what's listed:
-Passenger interior door pulls
-Rear trunk carpet set - go diving
-Kick panels
-Grey plastic door sill trims - dumpster diver
-Grey cargo receiver/tweeter trims

10v Oil Cooler
10v power steering pump with some lines
10v brake bomb
10v Intercooler
3 - whiteish doors with glass - spoken for I reckon
Front bumper
Rear Bumper
Grey dash - in the dumpster but 'available'
Black rear carpet for avant
Avant rear side glass (between C and D pillar, both sides)

15x6 4x108 Mesh wheels ready to be reconditioned

15x? Saab steel wheels...convince me monetarily not to run them on on my off road 4kq

1995 S6 Oil Cooler with lines - one has a slight overbend in one of the stock bend locations

WAY too many engine/transmission mount arms, so break yours soon before these are worth their weight in aluminum!

Things I would take in trade:
v8/UrS Front hubs
b4 Front uprights
CQ sunroof motor
14" or 15" small truck mud tires for my 4k
4k prop shaft
Very good condition CQ rear subframe

I know I'm missing some parts from the list, I'll update this as I dig them up.

Pictures in no particular order

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10v bomb or ps pump work on a 3B??
avant carpet in black? 10 bucks plus shipping unless Tim is driving by CT anytime in the next year as I don't need it right away.
I'm not sure about the bomb or pump, but I will look into it.

I'm sure Tim will be going that way, but not until sometime after September most likely. I'll save it for you...unless a bidding war erupts lol
According to vag cat, the 89 and 91 had the same setup. The bomb part number is identical, though I don't see a listing for the pump on that site. Considering the illustration only identifies that it is for models with ABS, and does not identify separate engine codes, I'd say they are the same. I will try to get a picture and part number from my pump later today.
'preciate it sir
There isn't much time left for the interior pieces and 200 avant body and glass parts...


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Man, Id love that Avant hatch but cant make the drive anytime soon.. If you know of anyway of getting it to eastern Pa reasonably let me know..
jlw said:
Man, Id love that Avant hatch but cant make the drive anytime soon.. If you know of anyway of getting it to eastern Pa reasonably let me know..
im going across PA early nov in a sprinter van to deliver a motor to pitt, get in touch with toph I can deliver if you wanna setup payment etc
Bump for updated list and pictures
You don't have a maf to turbo intake hose for a 3b by chance?
I don't have a spare, Aaron, sorry.

I'll be getting back to you today Kyle.
Some stuff sold, I will be adding and removing some items soon.
Let's get this stuff out of my way!
Is that a 10v cam gear way back in the pics? If yes do you still have it. Also would you happen to have a headliner for the 200 avant?
still have this? and is it the same as 20v 3b?
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1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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