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Full set of 200 bentlys from the years 1989-1991, all three books in great condition.

Set of 200 Bosch glass ecodes, chip out of the bottom but never leaked and couldn't even tell it was chipped till I took them off the car.

200 front grille all tabs are perfect and grille looks great. I have one of the chrome strips on the grille right now and I would have to look for the other one if interest is shown.

Owners Manual in the black cover in great condition.

I do believe I have a few red Samco hoses for the 3b engine laying around somewhere.

Great condition shift boot taken out of the 200

Other random parts, ill check around my house/storage and see what else I can find. If you're interested in something not posted let me know and ill check to see if I have it. Prices are to be negotiated so offer away and hopefully we can work something out. Ill try and get pictures here shortly if you want specific pictures shoot me a private message and we can get it done.

Also I have a brand new rebuilt Garrett 50 trim turbo with 0 miles on it. Rebuilt it for my 3b but sold the car so it's a 0 mile never even installed rebuild turbo ill have to check exactly what model it is.

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