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Need ASAP late style 7a TPS

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Just as it says, looking for a late style good working 7a TPS for my coupe!

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The one with the green wire that mounts to the Throttle Body? Sorry for my ignorance, I've been away from the details for quite some time
Late is black bosch TPS. Green is early hitachi TPS.
If you still need one I may have one in my parents storage shed back in CT. I could have my dad look over the weekend if your still in need of one. LMK
Ya I think I might still need one...LMK if you have one and how much shipped to Hamilton Ontario Canada! Postal is L8W 3L4

My dad was able to find it. Looks like the plastic on the plug end has cracked off but assuming you could splice on the good plug from the the one you have. Either way its yours for free if you want it, just pay the cost shipping (not sure what that would be yet) LMK

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I would if I could be sure that I could splice into it but im not that sure I can! Is there anyone who has done this and does anyone recommend this??
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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