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!!!Need Help In Colorado!!!

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Im posting this up for Chris "Draky", he is stuck on the side of Int. 25N right next to exit 123, about 15 miles south of Colorado Springs. He was driving back from NM to where he now lives in Denver. He thinks he has over heated the engine in his red 90q as it wont even turn over. If there is anyone near there that can help it would be greatly appreciated. If you think you can help please call him 505-236-9949.

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gave him a call, his wife picked 'em up and is taking him back to Denver

talked to Eli and it sounds like he's gonna try and get the car off the hwy and take care of it.
Glad to hear this worked out.
Yep, huge thanks to Chris. Waiting on the tow truck now
did it overheat? what was the issue?
He said it overheated then died, wouldn't start again. I'll delve deeper when I have some time
Yes, I was driving it and it overheated (all the coolant boiled off and out of the coolant res cap) and then died. After an hour and a half I attempted to start it again but all you could hear is the starter motor turning and some clicking, that's it. So the motor is done and she's all dead now. Thanks for the help guys. I went from 3 cars 1 week ago to 1 now (one of my cars was stolen last Monday) so I need to buy something else now.
It really sucks that this happened. I was really trying to help keep eve alive. :-(
So what caused the overheat? Bad head gasket?
It was coming out from under the cap so I'm guessing since it's a pressurized system the cap was sealed all the way.
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