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New Corbeau GTS II seats with B3 mounts Manual $555

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These seats were bought years ago but never mounted or used in a car. The frames/sliders are from B3 chassis but may fit the B4's. The drivers side frame has a cut off switch for engine but can be removed if you don't use it. I live in Los Angeles and these are a bitch to ship. The seats are brand new, just been sitting for a long time. This is a steal for these. Also have center arm rest that fits 5000's in same black fabric.

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75$ greyhound. Just saran wrap the shit out of the seats.
You get travking and insurance just like fed ex.

I just shipped a fiber glass bumper from texas to PA. No issues.
Damn, I want these for the new '88 80q... but getting them here from LA is a problem
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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