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New HANK I5 20vt header

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We've got a NEW HANK'S equal length 5 cylinder turbo manifold in vband flavor. Has one egt bung on runner 5. Hank sells these for 1150 - save fifty bucks and have it ship out TODAY. $1100 + shipping

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Just can't be used with the 5 cylinder we want :)

on my stinking phone!
Bump :)

on my stinking phone!
Bump, valvetrain sold!
Up up up :)
Is header for 07k 2.5 or AAN/7A/3B????
Bump for a solid seller!

WAUG0806 said:
Is header for 07k 2.5 or AAN/7A/3B????
For a AAN in a UrS chassis but should fit any 5cyl :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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