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New Member - Just Bought a 94 URS4

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Hi everyone,

I currently own a 2004 A4 Avant Ultrasport and just bought today a 1994 URS4. Here is a picture of it. It's got 215.000 miles. The guy owned it for a few years and he hadn't driven it for about 6 months. I test drove it and it drives fine, makes a power steering noise tho.. not sure if its the bad pump or a hose. I'll tow it to my mechanic this afternoon.

My idea is to have it as a slow project however, I would like to daily drive it for a while before the project starts. I'm very familiar with the 1.8T engines but not at all with this one so I have a few questions:

1 - What are those usual things that I have to look that are usually problems for these cars

2 - What are the first upgrades that are usually done on these? (Chip, exhaust?? BOF??)

3 - What's the max power I can have with this stock turbo?

4 - Do I have to rebuilt the engine before doing any upgrade since it has 215.000? Or Its ok to do a few upgrades even with this high millage?


Here it is the way I got it today. Will have more pictures soon

Thank you
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I'm lookin at a 93 URS4..I'm going to listen in :)
I just bought my 94 urs4 in April and this Is what I've found wrong so far,

Missing oil pan bolts, heard this does happen from time to time
Front axles were shot, replaced one so far
Valve cover gasket is leaking into cyl 3
Cel for 2121 code, idle control sensor
Replace stock DV with 710n
Dash lights all burnt out
Missing some exterior trim, very common issue
Seat bolts loose, same issue with my b5.
Some turbo shaft play but not much.

Not sure how much of my issues are common or not but I'd imagine there pretty common.

As for mods with over 200k I'd make sure all maintance is done and up to date before I did anything. I bought a boost gauge as my only mod so far. But if you must mod just stick with a chip. As for the engine rebuild, unless there is issues I'd say its fine as long as maintance is in order.

I bought mine for 3800 in apr 2013 with 199XXX km (123xxx miles) on it

Hope this helps some, I'm learning still too.

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Thank you morris400 for the info. Will go through the car this week!
For all sorts of important documented info on the UrS4/S6

Also recommend the Quattroworld UrS4/S6 forum, tons of great info.
Thank you checking it out now!
First off - Welcome! Glad to see another URS4 being worked on :)

I'm a noob myself but can try to answer a couple of your questions.

As far as first upgrades I would say chipped ecu once you can confirm that everything else is sorted out maintenance wise. If you don't know when the timing belt was done last, do it. You can get all the parts from azautohaus for pretty cheap. After I'd say after the chip gets boring then you should look to getting a hybrid K26 and either chip the existing ecu for the turbo or go VEMS(stand alone ECU).

Your limiter with this motor for power will be the rods. They can handle quite a bit of hp, but if your tq comes on early and a lot, you can make windows in the block. I'm doing a 3b swap in my 90 and I expect to end up with around 300whp/wtq after upgrades. Once you get past that point it's time to pull the motor apart and spend $$$ :)

Hope you are enjoying it and be sure to post moar pics! :)
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Thank you!! Where in the Forum should I open a build(slow) tread? Post pictures of it, etc..
You can post your build thread here in Projects here :)
Welcome :)
thread will be open in the next 3 to 5 days, will let you guys know. It is already running, power steering fixed. Did the first drive on Tuesday and got the first impressions about it.
I know I'm a lil late, but I bought my 93 urs4 in November of 2012 with 177k for 2300 only issues I found were missing exterior trim (common), cracked carbon fiber trim on doors (common), peeling clear coat, and a broken spark plug boot. My first mod was a boost gauge to see if the car was still running stock boost then from there since everything checked out I went k26/GT3071 hybrid with stage 1 gt3071 tune 42# injectors, 034 ho coil kit, Bosch 044 fuel pump full 3in exhaust, replica rs2 ho exhaust mani, bigger boost gauge, Wideband far gauge, intake spacer, a forged diverted valve, samco boost hoses, spec stage 3+ clutch, 034 billet flywheel, I believe it was a 1.9 bar waste gate spring. I didn't replace the head gasket when I did all the boost upgrades and it cost me a head gasket, and I put some hairline cracks in the head so since I found an engine valve cover to oil pan with 68k on it for 1800 I replaced the engine and added an mls head gasket and since then I have had no issues with her she holds 26psi very well. But once u go more than 18psi I would put all t-bolt hose clamps on the boost hoses and upgrade the ignition. The stock ignition does not like wot when u run more than 18psi.
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mine has 248 000 miles and have never been open, the ecu is chipped mtm+1 the rest is stock. I lose boost some boost at high rpm but still fun to drive this engine can make up to 400hp before you have to upgrade internals.
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