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Not receiving email notifications?

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I believe this started on Sunday, after the website was down. Now that it has back up for a few days, I have not received any notifications about threads that I am subscribed to, or PM's. Anyone eles having this problem?
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What was that noise? Did someone say something? :p :lol:

Seriously... I just got a notification when you posted in my build thread, so it seems the notifications are currently working.

Are you sure your email is okay? I sent you an email on Friday... did you receive it?
Yep, I recieved your email(still looking for a good box by the way), as well as the one Groff just sent me. I just had to check on here to see that you posted in this thread. Not exactly sure what is going on here.
If you look at the clickable options at the top of this thread (or any you were expecting notifications from) does it say "subscribe topic" or "unsubscribe topic"? Of course if it says "unsubscribe" you should be getting notifications.

Maybe go into "user control panel" and check email settings?
It says "unsubscribe topic" and I looked at my email settings. Nothing has changed from Sat. when I was getting notifications, to sunday afternoon when they stopped. Im thinking about trying a different email address. I dont know if that will help, but maybe with whatever update/service they did to their server it n longer likes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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