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Oil Cooler adapter needed.

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I went with the single oil filter setup on my new 3b motor instead of the duel oil filter's that were on my wx motor. But I would like to use my old oil cooler and lines?
The fittings are different sizes so I am looking for some type of adapters..........Anyone know the sizes, or of any adapters?
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I know the 3B filter housing cooler line fitting threads into the housing are 18mmX1.5mm not sure what the size of WX line fittings are? They are smaller correct? Best I could find at least it tells you metric to metric adapters are out there ... uqnftnne77
Yes the wx is smaller!
On my RR(3B) swap, I used the stock WX oil cooler and lines and did a custom fitting at the oil filter housing. I cut the WX adapter in half and then cut the 3B adapter in half. A friend then tig welded the 2 sections together. It worked great. On my MC swap, I used the WX oil cooler, but then used AN adapters at the cooler and did AN hose and adapters to the oil filter housing, this worked fine too. I'll dig through my notes and see if I can find the adapters needed.
Couldn't you install the WX oil filter housing onto the 3b? Or are the blocks different in this aspect?
The WX oil filter housing has 2 oil filters, normal and turbo where the 3B/MC oil filter housing only uses 1 filter which gives you more room and cheaper oil changes.
I see...

To the OP, what size are the lines for your oil cooler setup? On my 3b, I used m18x1.5 (like Austin said) to 10an male adapters. Perhaps you could find m18x1.5 to whatever size your hose ends are?
Ok its a 18X1.5MM MALE X 18X1.5MM MALE now just need to order it!

Thanks all
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