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Pair of grey 200 seats

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Got a pair of front grey comfort seats, really nice shape. no tears just ssome crackling on the leather nothing unusual. heat works fantastic (although its summer now so that is invalid for a while haha) and they are pretty comfy. Got the driver's seat in now i could lounge in that thing all day.
What im looking for is to trade them for stufs for my 20v, maybe plus cash too on my end. Im in need of some lowering springs right now (preferably eibach or h&r) slightly bigger brake setup, chipped ecu, blah blah. got some t44 trim and misc small parts sittin around. more time than money right now so im open to offers. email for pics [email protected], cant post pics from my dumbphone haha
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anybody want these? make me an offer I cant refuse haha
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