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Parting:1999 facelift A4 1.8T, S4 bumper, K04 PC16, ST BBK

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Located in NH. Shipping available at buyers expense. Prices are BRO.

Considering trades for parts, I'm looking for parts for my B5 S4; B6/7 S4 front calipers/carriers/pads, ss exhaust, chip, etc etc. I already have H& R coilovers for it so I don't need those but maybe sway/stress bars??? Let me know what you have and what (of mine stuffs)you're interested in!

PICS>[email protected] ... 397015852/

Metallica Black(volcano?) w/grey pleather interior. 185k miles 1.8T, A/T.

Was in an accident and was totalled by insurance. Of course they didn't give me enough to buy another one so I need to part this out ASAP to gelp pay for a replacement. LR door, 1/4, rear bumper are damaged. Bumper is probably usable as it has a few gouges on it but is fixable.

Just an FYI for anyone interested, I won't be able to start taking parts off it until this weekend 8/3-8/4(or next week after work), once I have my new S4 Avant and am driving it..... . So parts would ship out next week at the earliest.

Here's a quick rundown of the Goodies:

***SOLD***It has a full AWE K04 PC16 kit on it including injectors, & GIAC ecu. Approx 35k miles on it, pulls hard 20 psi. I bought it from RJ(SilverCQ -he's a good guy) on Audizine(he's on here too) and it's the real K04 not the cheap chinese knockoff.No play. 750$

CX racing side mount all Aluminum intercooler. It's thicker and slightly larger than the stock one but still fits in stock location with an elbow and pipe for the upper hose. You need to cut your stock hose a little to fit. $125

***SOLD***Stoptech BBK 332x30. Has lots of life left. This is for the A4 NOT NOT NOT the S4. Will only fit A4 and maybe B4 90 whish has the same bolt pattern but not sure of offset. 750$

S4 front bumper including aluminum bar/grills/plate holder,etc. and headlight washers which work. 525$ -

Actually it has the full S4 nose: hood $100/grille 65$/fenders $80 ea. (same as facelift A4 fenders anyway), zenon headlights. $300

Othr stuff?

All the other doors are in good shape, hatch is rust free and good looking, tail lights are good....

Make offers on anything interested in. I need to sell stuff quick to get another car but I'm not a dimwit and I know what the stuff is worth/sells for, so don't bother offering ****e money$$$. Like $250 for the bumper is a good example. They go for $400-$500 all day long...

I'm flexible and in a bind here, but I'm not stupid. If stuff doesn't sell for a FAIR PRICE I'll borrow $ to get another car and sell the stuff for more money later on. So you can make an offer and get it cheaper now, worst I'll say is no.

Also have a couple of chipped ecu's for AEB for sale:

Unitronic 1+ ECU for AEB (20psi). I can re-code it to 5spd(how I bought it) if wanted but it's coded as A/T right now.

***SOLD***Reflect Tuning Ecu for AEB coded as manual but I could not get the recode to take to A/T for whatever reason. I used it in my car(auto) and it seemd to work fine @~15/17 psi.

Best Reasonable Offer.

I also 'gained' another 2 sets of avus wheels bringing the total up to 13 wheels lol. I only need 1 set + a spare so 2 sets need to go ASAP. Will sell singles as well.

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This is rjs old car? Damn, I used to see it all the time around here. Him and dan wanted me to buy it. Haha
Naw, it's not his old car, it's just the AWE kit I bought from him when he parted his(I think).
how much for the k04 setup and side mount?
krandy said:
how much for the k04 setup and side mount?
Make an offer. I won't be able to have it off until this weekend though...

Just an FYI for anyone interested, I won't be able to start taking parts off it until this weekend(or next week after work) after I get my S4 Avant..... :D . So parts would ship out next week at the earliest.
spinnin_four said:
interested in the S4 bumper, sending PM now
replied, I'll get pics tomorrow hopefully.
Hey didnt receive pics yet, really interested in the bumper.. thanks!
Woikin on it! :wink:

For some reason I'm back to working too much overtime again after 3 months of *only* 45 hours a week haha.
its all good man..just didnt what u to think i lost interest in it.
YO, how bout the bumper for my man above. He's having a bad week, just shut up and take his money.
lol simmer down simmer down! Sorry to hear about your crap week. Mine sucked last week if it makes you feel any better :dur:
email me about the whole car too, maybe plus/minus some stuff.. [email protected]
Reflect ECu sold.

Also got with the new car 2 sets of avus wheels, so now I have 13 avus wheels. I'm keeping one set and one wheel as a spare, the rest need to go! 2 wheels are cracked 1 needs repair to hold air the other cracked one holds air. They aren't the prettiest but are cheap OE wheels for your winter tires.
pics of bumper please!! not trying to be annoying, i just have not head back in a while
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