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Parting CQ... drivetrain, 7a, and weitec springs and more

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this is all from the black coupe i parted.

i have a full 7a with 138k on it ran great when pulled.
head 150
trans 200
034 injectors red. $150 obo
weitec springs with koni shocks $400.
Euro b4 1 piece glass headlights. no broken tabs, comes with pigtail harness $400
b4 depo black housing lights 150
clear corners 40
euro rear plate tray 100

heres what i have left now in the garage.

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i bought the black coupe since it had a carbon hood.. i wanted

car ran great but once i got home and actually looking at the car, not just the hood, i noticed the front shock tower had been hit and detached itself from the firewall.. some horrible stick welding and the shell was just too unsafe so i parted it.

BEST THING It was an early cq , square stalks, but it had an all metal driveshaft im shortening for my vrt cq project.
Do you have the distributor?
I'd be interested in the Weitec springs if you want to message me your Paypal info. Thanks, Matt
I have dizzy. Think i have two. Make offer

Weitecs are still on struts.. ill pm u when i get them off this week
pm sent to ya
have a spare passenger tail light by chance?
I never received one (if you were talking to me).
how much for the clutch/flywheel/pressure plate set up?
New Depo clear corners are only worth 20$ on ebay.
Kuma said:
New Depo clear corners are only worth 20$ on ebay.
And he has every right to ask $40 for them....
more like a heads up, than a thread bash.
ya i have no clue about the corners.. the dude i bought it from said he paid 80 and i thought said hella . buy the b4 depos u can have them for free

i only have one piece glass euro lights in mine.

i have passanger tail light, make offer in pm

i have an aeb 1 window wheel.

also pm offer for pp, flywheel, clutch.
pm me please. with your zip. most likly go flat rate
got any cq fog lights???
no fogs bump.

havent been on in awhile.

pm's replied.

you can email at [email protected] for faster response.
replied again
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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