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Perfect Pearl 1995 90Q 5lug/KW V1s/V8 swap ready

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Hey guys,
With a recent baby and a move across the state it looks like I need to give up on my dream of a 4.2 90. The car is perfect, I've done a 5 lug swap, it's sitting on KW V1s, fantastic black leather and good pearl paint. The 2.8 recently took a dump so the car is no longer running.
I would sell the car with a 4.2 ABZ from Force5 Auto inlcuding all accessories, downpipes, wiring. Also I have the correct clutch and flywheel adapter from 034, all brand new.

I am located in Bend, OR and would need to sell this before the end of July, otherwise I am keeping it.

$3,500 seems fair.

Feel free to call me if you are serious, I might not get to check this site often.

Jesse 541-390-6972
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Almost forgot good condition euro coupe front bumper is also included. Not painted.
I hate how when I asked you about this car 2 months ago you wouldnt sell it. I want this thing but just picked up a project. Timing sucks.
Does it run with the current engine? Or is it non running hence the 4.2? Any pictures of the interior available?
consider any trades?
It doesn't run, think it blew a headgasket on the 2.8
Still for sale. Located in Eugene, or. Help me build a house.
$3,000? Trades? I don't know... Just sitting in my barn now don't want to see it go all moldy and rusty.
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