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I finally got around to rebuilding my 90 Quattro 20V's power steering pump today. For the first time in a long time, it actually went a lot easier than expected.

I was a little confused about this curvy rubber seal though. It has a flat side and a stepped side. On the pump, the flat side was facing up, and the step side down before I took the old one off. When I went to put the new one on, the curves simply wouldn't match up like that. The only way it worked was flat side down and stepped side up, so that's how it went back in. Hopefully it's correct, but I'm still confused about why the other one was that slight bit different.

These cross-slotted plugs were interesting. The first one came out with no trouble at all (the top one), but the bottom one took three of us to get out. One pressing down on a chisel-like piece, one with vice-grips on the edge of the plug itself, and one with a wrench turning the chisel. With all three of us, we finally got it to break loose. After that, reassembly was a breeze.

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