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Well you've made it this far. Looks like you'll stick around. You probably want to know what this is all about. Well 84 days from today will be October 16th. On October 16th the Battleborn Quattro event will kick off in Las Vegas Nevada. I plan on attending this event, as I have for the past several years. I have never brought the same car twice, and I think I'm going to keep that tradition going for at least another year.

So now you know what the plan is, but don't know what it involves. I picked up a local 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro for cheap due to quite a few small issues that has been keeping it off the road. Now while it sorta runs and sorta drives, I dont want to just get it running and driving again, i want it to be better. SO I will take the AAN that i have in my garage and replace the 7a that is in it. The goal as you might have already figured out is to take this to Vegas in 84 days. Now the real goal is to get it up and running in 60 days so that I have 2 full weeks to drive it around locally and iron out any wrinkles it might have.

Here is the car, as of right now the only work i have done to the car is the following:
Replaced driver and passenger side window regulators
replaced steering wheel
removed headlight and painted the trim
swapped wheels.
replaced door handle and bowden cable

It is a very solid base for this project. Here are a few more shots of how it sits on day 84:

Here is the status of the donor engine:

couple bent valves from when the head was removed:

and this has been purchased and should ship out today from Europe, making this swap doable on my time schedule:

S2 ABY engine harness:

and finally some of the good and bad bits on this car as it currently sits:
Bad= FLAPS exhaust:

Good= H&R springs with bilstein shocks:

Bad= open breather

Good=New microsuade headliner

Bad= Dried out and cracking tail lights:

Good/bad= RS2 headlights, one broken lens:

Overall I'm excited about this and feel like I can do it in the time table i gave myself. Keep in mind i work 40-50 hours a week outside of the home. I have a wife and child who also need my time. I only have hand tools in my garage and almost zero fabrication tools (ie i have an angle grinder).

Here is my current list of parts that i've purchased:
Full gasket set for the top end of the engine
Stock k24 turbo and manifold
Stock injectors that i was missing
ABY Harness
New lens for rs2 headlight
Oil cooler and lines
3b Water manifold
Black leather rear seats and door cards (have front black door cards and couple black upper seat backs)
stock exhaust
South bend clutch
S2 front bumper
Strut mounts, trans mounts, engine mounts
Modified 7a Valve cover for 1.8t coilpacks

Need to purchase/pay for;
new tail lights
Downpipe fabrication parts and fab time
Reverse inlet intake manifold (fab time)
Drivers rear pearl middle trim
Intercooler setup
air filter setup (aby or just a cone filter?)
JHM Short shifter (dont HAVE to buy it, but they make it feel so much better)
1.8t Coil pack harness
And I'm sure there are bunches of other random things needed...

Any donations are graciously accepted! :)

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awesome, you can definately make that happen. I did a quick 3b swap in 48 hours with a little sleep mixed in there. From daily driving 7a to daily driving 3b, including replacing two bent valves on the 3b.

But please, keep that performance exhaust. Car looks like a great base for a project.

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I was out of town this weekend for work, but i got my gaskets in:

I'm taking wednesday off work, so i plan on getting some car related business taken care of, I should have some real progress to show after that.

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forgot, these came in too!

I stopped by Mr. Brydon's house and pulled this off a spare engine as well, needs a bit of a polish, but all in good time:

He was also kind enough to loan me this:

big thanks to all who are helping me me out with parts and tools and such!

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Alright, got some more work done.

Pulled out the dash and all interior from the car:

While the heatercore has been replaced, the heater box wasn't very well taken care of...

So that had to come out:

worse on the inside:

Pulled the full 7a harness out uncut:

Put the new harness in as well:

Pulled a black carpet out of another car and that will be going in soon.

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I just did the same thing with my flaps, I there a reason the lower half of your smaller metal flap is thicker than the top half? I saw this on another reflap thread a noticed the same thing.

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Stripped the coupe. Removed all the nasty pad that was full of nastiness and mold. Scrubbed the bare floors with some dawn and water.

Finally stripped down enough that i can start rebuilding.

Donor carpet plus carpet shampooer:

Results, years worth of coffee.

Since the car already was wired for amps and such, i figured at least id clean up the wiring and run it properly:

Removed this:

Put this in its place:

Put in some carpet:

removed all the grey rear seats and such. Put in the black stuff. Cleaned it all. Conditioned all the leather. Installed 2 piece componet speakers with crossovers. Painted trim black. And installed the rear door cards with screws... Previously they had no hardware holding them in place...

Not a bad days work. Also boxed up cams and injectors that finally sold!

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You my friend, are fast.

You've probably changed more heater cores on the B3 platform than any Audi/VW certified tech.

Questions for you Dave - the center trim piece on the door and on fender. Did you take those off and refinish them yourself? Or did you replace from a different car? I ask because my driver side is starting to peel and once it cracked, it's obviously very easy for water to get in there and continue to deteriorate the piece. I would like to get after this soon. What's the market like out there for finding the trim in good shape? Cab door/fender the same?

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Cabs are the same, i found one on ebay in the right color for less than 50 bucks shipped. i thought the price was a little high, but considering the rarity and such, i didn't think it as an absurd price to pay, and clearly it was worth it to me.

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Alright another few hours of work checked off.

I have a really hard time putting the car back together with the engine bay coated like this:

Bit better:


I had to take apart the stock engine, sold some parts off it and needed other parts for the engine going in:

Pretty new Southbend Clutch

Love seeing a nice factory cross-hatch:


Half of it in:

64 Days left...

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I kinda got a lot done, but kinda didn't. I spent most of my alotted car time pulling a dash from another car and reinstalling a new one. It is another local Coupe Quattro to S2 project, And we were able to get it to run for the first time today (I've been helping with some of the wiring and misc work)

On my car, I got the bottom-end buttoned up, installed right and finished up. I finished all of the wiring as well, the stock harness for this engine has a power cable from the battery that hooks into the fuse panel. on the S2s the battery box is located under the rear seat so it is part of the chassis harness, not the engine harness. I had to kind of butcher a harness i had in my possession to get a proper cable.

Ran that cable and finished up all the wiring from under the dash. Feels good to have the wiring aspect wrapped up.

Got some more parts to wrap this project up, 3b style manifold. The color isn't quite for me:


Acutal color:

did the wastegate cap while I was at it:

Its a simple color, nothing fancy.

Reinstalled the heatercore and rebuilt heater box:

Wish I could have got more done, but there was a lot of prep done.

Here is some of the parts i still need to install:

Short list of whats on the table:
AAN Head
Valves for that head
Fuel Rail
Fuel Injectors
Exhaust Manifold, Turbo, and half a downpipe
Intake manifold
New control arms with Derlin Bushings
Oil Cooler and lines
New RS2 Headlamp Glass
3 Spoke Steering wheel
Forge Spliter valve
ABY Air Box
ABY Intercooler and crossmember
Box full of all new stuff, Full top end gasket set, all new ball joints, new trans mounts, already installed new motor mounts, strut mounts, Head bolts, and much more.

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Alright, small update since I only have 43 Days left! I've been out of town a bunch for work, and that hasn't helped my progress...

sort of fitted the dash, I've since 'really' fitted it.

I've had some goodies arrive too!

JHM Short Shifter, billet beauty:

Apikol RS2 Brake Brackets:

Couple sets of Porsche 996 Calipers to choose from:

New stereo deck, got one with 3 pairs of RCA outs

Now on to work i actually did:
I removed the remaining downpipe, had to cut it off with one of the 3 power tools i own (drill, electric impact, and 4" angle grinder). I got it off, but inbetween bolts that i was cutting i moved my arm and set it down on a washer that had just been cut off, didn't realize it till my full weight was on it and i got a nice second degree burn with a nice blister:

I replaced trans mounts, these probably had some more miles on them but you know, 'while i'm in there':

Next to the new one

Short shifter installed:

part of the black interior conversion, have to move my bits to the new center console:

Here it is assembled, I chose not to move the ashtray and leave a nice place to toss my cell phone.

Here is my refurbed headlight, partly blacked out, ill show the before to remind you all what it looked like:

I had to black out that part because after the lens broke, the previous owner super glued clear plastic to that trim part to protect the headlight, removing that plastic ruined the finish of this piece, so i just painted it black

I'm happy with how that turned out.

Cleaned this too, kinda sad but this is one of my favorite details of older Audis.

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