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Selling off some parts I have that I have either upgraded from through or purchased and went other directions.

AAN harness from an S4, uncut, unmodified, removed from the box to make sure it was good and that is all. $100 shipped in lower 48

944 turbo inter cooler. Tanks were modded for more flow. Tanks were modded when I got it. $200/obo shipped lower 48

Megasquirt Flying leads $50 shipped lower 48

AAN intake manifold $100 shipped lower 48.

Couple stock turbos 1x K26 and 1x K24 still work but have some shaft play

I do have several flywheels but need to dig them out to get a proper inventory. I know I have one AAN and one 01A. Probably going to have one more 01A flywheel directly from the car soon. Thinking about getting 034's

Thanks for looking
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