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R1 reassembly (photo intensive. a.k.a. worth clicking)

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It's been quite a while since I posted anything in here. I miss you guys. :) I can attribute a large portion of my mechanical understanding and willingness to jump into a project to this forum. You guys have seriously been an inspiration to me. It should then be no surprise that there are a lot of Audi bolts on this Yamaha. :wink: Unfortunately this is not going to be an eloquent first post on this project. I've been working on it for a while and I'm just going through all the crap I had to do to get it on the road. There was a lot that happened and I'm sorta unloading it all at once. I'm trying to get it out in something resembling an organized manner.
To the interesting part. I bought a wrecked 1999 R1 and a manual from a guy on CL about 6 weeks ago with the intent of fixing it up and selling it for a profit since I'm more or less unemployed right now, but also because I've been really into motorcycles for the last year and a half and this was a fun way to really understand how bikes work.

The motor was in it, wiring harness, front brakes, and wheels. That's about all. The rest of what he had (which was not much) came in a bucket full of bolts and miscellaneous bits. I wish I still had the photo from CL. What a mess. The first two photos I have for you are after the first night. It's not much, but it's a lot more assembled than when I bought it! At this point I had put the carbs back in, exhaust, foot controls, rear brake, radiator and hoses, and set the tank on the back to get it running.

It sort of ran. As you can see, a lot of work ahead of me. Just after he delivered the bike to me I sat down and started looking over it. Only then did I realize just how much work I was going to have to do. I slumped on my stool, put my chin in my hands and said "What have I done.." At that point I said "Dear God, please, if you want me to keep this thing help me through this." 15 minutes later my dad's renter showed up. He's like "oh hey whatcha got there?" Turns out he used to tinker on bikes all the time and offered to help me if I ever needed it! HA! That gave me a boost in motivation.

So I began to survey the damage. I have come to the conclusion that it was a race bike and that it had been down numerous times on both sides based on the tires which are worn heavily on either side but not so much in the middle, tank damage on both sides, and heavy clipon damage on both sides nearly to the point of being unable to fulfill their purpose. The light/choke control box was smashed and rashed, and the left handlebar was bent. There are scratches along the outside inner portion of the frame, probably due to runoff gravel, the Micron exhaust can is all scratched up, and the radiator was BENT and one of the mount tabs is completely broken off (amazingly, does not leak). Oh yeah, and the back end of the frame where the tail lights and the passenger seat hook into was CUT OFF to fit a race fairing.

Over the coming weeks I bought a LOT of stuff. From fairings to foot pegs, air box and intake boots, handlebars, most of the lights, mirrors.. I have a list. It's a big list. -------
Throttle & Cables
Clip-ons and Grips
Intake Boots
Air Box
Spark Plugs
Fuel Hose
Upper Fairing Bracket
Rubber Grommets
Fairing Hardware
Choke/Light Control assembly
Headlight Bulbs
Front Marker Lights
Registration/Tabs (hadn't been registered for 2 years)
Replacement Front Foot Pegs
Radiator Stay (bracket)
Sync Adapters (6mm)
Positive Lead Battery Wire
Bullet Connectors
LED Indicator Relay
Clutch Washer Lock
Carb Sync Tool
Crappy Fairings
Integrated Tail Light

Super great spark plugs.

I still haven't bought the passenger foot pegs and mounts. :/

I cleaned out the carbs a couple times and had a bear of a time getting it running right. Had to deal with whatever the last owner left me in the clutch area. He installed it WRONG. Thrust bearing was put on after the clutch boss causing the clutch boss and the clutch housing to bind. That took a little while to figure out. While I was in there I was able to get a good look at the clutch plates. WOW. The bike obviously sat for a while. The rust has all since worn away and oil changed to get rid of it.

To get myself a little more motivated I put the headlights on. That made it seem more motorcycle like. :)

The bike came with several of the fairings but they were almost completely shot. I'm only using the lowers because the rest are just junk. In these two shots tail fairing is the race fairing. It's in a box now and will probably go on craigs list soon. It has wear marks in a few places where I presume it met pavement. All the white fairings are the less-junky set I bought on CL.

What's left of the nose fairing

What's left of the original battery tray. It came with a 2000 tray which I made to fit.

Bad left hand controls. The 2000 left hand controls I bought were incompatible with the 99 wiring so I took the 99 wiring out of the housing and shoved it into the 2000 housing. The wiring still isn't 100% right but it's usable.

The new tail light is very cool. I was concerned it would not be bright enough so I bought the clear one. Smoked is offered, but brightness is much more important. Besides, the only time it matters that it's smoked is when the bike is off, and it turns out the clear ones look pretty sweet anyway. Mounting was interesting. Thankfully the last guy put a bizarre mounting bracket in there. I only kept the bolt in the battery tray and then used an Audi bit to secure the light. Works perfectly. :)

New integrated brake light.

Also indicates where I'm going. :)

The ebay-special mirrors with integrated signal lights. MUCH brighter than I was expecting. Very pleased there. The mirror housing/mounting is of mediocre quality at best, but the light was the most important part imo. Unfortunately the wiring was the LAMEST wiring I've ever seen. It was like 1,000 gauge wiring. Soldering iron and wire were required, as well as bullet connectors. I made a video but haven't put it on youtube yet.

All the lights on.

Boschman checking out the monster.

When I got it it was in a bucket and half the bike was missing. It was neglected for two years and REALLY didn't run right when I got it, BUT NOW IT DOES As of yesterday this thing is legit. It's actually on the road now and JEEZE this thing is bonkers. It's scary. I haven't done a WOT pull in lower than 6th gear yet. It's very far from perfect, but it still looks awesome. And MAN I FEEL COOL WHEN I RIDE IT. :lol: Seriously, I feel like the coolest person on earth when I ride this bike.

Hopefully you found this interesting. It's been a journey for me and I needed to get something written down about it, show off some photos etc. This has been my passtime/job/obsession for the last several weeks. Fun stuff. Now I'm ready to GET RID OF IT because I really don't need something this fast.
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I look totally cool on that bike.
Great job tackling such a basket case. Keep the motivation and if you some time and money into that 90 in the background you could potentially make it an r1 killer!!! Lol
been wonderin where the hell you been.
speeding-g60 said:
been wonderin where the hell you been.
Heh, yeah, I've been doing other things in the last 2 years. I'll tell you all about it some time. Kind of a crazy story.

95audis6 said:
Great job tackling such a basket case. Keep the motivation and if you some time and money into that 90 in the background you could potentially make it an r1 killer!!! Lol
Funny you should mention that. The "90" you're looking at is actually a coupe. I have two coupes and I've decided to sell both of them. I love that blue car but it's just time to let it go to someone else. Time to move on. Boschman expressed some interest in the R1 and I've expressed interest in his white coupe a few times over the last couple years so we're going to make a trade: my R1 for his Coupe. More on that in the following months! I expect we'll both continue to work on what are currently "our" vehicles even after they are no longer "ours."
Very cool! I know nothing about bikes but have had a few friends with R6's. Im a bit of a pansy so you wont find me on a crotch rocket, but the amount of work you did on this one is amazing! Well done :D
Soooomething is missing...

There they are! Note bent-ness and scraped-to-almost-nothing-ness. I've decided I don't want them anymore.

Oh, look what I found on the back seat!

Much better.

I also took a sharpie to areas of unintended weight savings. You can definitely tell it's sharpie when you get close but at least you can't tell there's something missing from 10 feet. It's the little things.

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You may recall I mentioned the PO had cut off the passenger seat support. I would like to be able to take a few passengers on rides before giving up the R1 and the rear seat should just be usable on principle.

First I made a mock-up so I had some idea of what I was making. I've seen what it's supposed to look like so I had an idea of how to get there.

I had some steel on hand from my skid plate projects a couple years ago so that's what I used. I was going to cut sections of steel like the mock-up but thankfully Boschman was there to say "heeeey let's bend it in stead. i have a section of railroad we can use." Then we got down to zereouz buznez.

No one was harmed in the making of this support bracket.

After much careful and scientific proceedings we made this.

At that point I clamped it onto the frame with hand clamps and made some markings with a red sharpie which I probably didn't need to. I drilled the furthest bolt holes to use as a pivot and figure out exact mount height by making the back TOO high and pushing down on the seat. When I had the correct seat height I used C-clamps to really keep it in place and drilled the second set of holes. And now you see it as before you. It will get another pass with sandpaper/file and then get painted.

I would also like to reduce the weight by removing some material from the inner portion of the bar. Can anyone tell me what that's called?

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:thumbsup:!!!! Looks like it's coming together, what color are you going to paint it?
Belgarion115 said:
I would also like to reduce the weight by removing some material from the inner portion of the bar. Can anyone tell me what that's called?
Ya, isn't that called 'adding lightness'...? :p

My bike, now sold : o (--

I'd like another one someday but I'd probably get an R6 because I'm a *ussy lol.
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Nice bike dude!

I dunno if I'm going to paint these fairings. If Ian wants me to I will, but I would definitely suggest getting a new upper fairing since this one is pretty borked. The thing is though, an upper fairing is around 120 - 150 bucks, and the paint to do the whole bike will cost around 60 dollars, give or take. Conversely a COMPLETE new set of fairings from china is 370 bucks, painted and shipped. Sooooo... maybe. lol. But if I did paint it, white. White white white. I love white. Black and white = Best color combo ever. My other bike, which I did paint everything on, is white and black. I'm sort of obsessed with white and black. All my gear is white and black too.

My 1985 VF500

I cut some decals which I have yet to apply. The plan was to wetsand the tank, apply another coat of white, wetsand again, apply the honda wings, and then clear coat the tank. So far I haven't done it. I put the tank back on the bike and suddenly lost the motivation to do that. Then I got the R1 and the VF took a permanent back seat.

I have a new visor which is tinted and I've started wearing some calf-height boots. Those are white and red. ;)

Here's a before shot.

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