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About a month before the next/last hillclimb of the season. I was able to source one tire from a friend; I already had one extra. Just need to mount the tires on the new rims.

Waiting for the new Gaz strut... I followed up this morning.

Redoing all the suspension back to pre-off at Okemo status (good control arms, light rims/good tires, and softer suspension) prior to Ascutney hillclimb is dependent on when the Gaz strut arrives.

That leaves a known electrical/mechanical issue that I need to address. The intercooler pipe from turbo to FMIC is close/nearly touching the starter. I have issues with the single wire that goes into the starter and have to wiggle it around to get it to work from time to time. I have already cut the end and replaced with spade connector, but the contact and/or heat from the IC tube is still an issue. I also need to inspect the connection on the starter to see if that is an issue.

I haven't had a chance to address the issue... or at least temporarily fix it... because of house projects.

Thankfully, one of the house projects was the garage. :) x 100 More to come soon...

Oh, went the Wolfsgart-12 car show in Essex, VT. I didn't have to pay to get in because we were raising money via donations for the American Cancer Society. My wife drafted me. Walked around the show for about 30 minutes and then escaped the heat inside the air conditioned buildings and saw a lot of the old local VW guys... they are getting older, not me.

421 - 422 of 422 Posts