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Looking to get rid of this stuff, so I am asking for reasonable offers + shipping. Someone might just need something here and I'd hate to trash perfectly good parts that another enthusiast could use. And by reasonable, I mean at least make it worth my time to box it up and take it to the post office - so the more you buy, the less reasonable the price has to be :D PM me with offers or questions. I'll probably hang on to this stuff for 2 weeks before I trash it, less if I get little/no interest.

Everything is in good condition, the headlights are in excellent shape with no cracks and all tabs intact. The alternator probably still works, but it and the a/c compressor should probably be just used for cores.

Also available but not pictured - original NG ECU and ignition module plus a tornado red B3 hood with liner and lamp (probably a local-only piece).

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