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Setting up bypass valve

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I just got my new bypass valve in the mail. Which spring should I use for a stock (1991 20vT) car?
Here are the vacuum pressures required to open the valve with each spring:

Low 5"

Medium 8"

High 11"

I was thinking medium, but I still am a noob with turbo cars.
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Copy pasted from another seller of the same BPV
Low spring (~8-12 psi), Medium spring (~12-16 psi) and high spring (~16-20 psi).

So if you car is stock you want the low spring or medium spring if chipped the high spring.
Stock max boost on the 200 20v is 12 psi or 1.7-1.8 bar on the stock gauge.
Install done! I need smaller hands and arms to get in that engine bay.
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