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//SFest 2013: pre-registration is now open!

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//SFest 2013 8/24/2013

Please join us for the 12th annual //SFest on Saturday 8/24/2013! The event will again be hosted and sponsored by" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;, located at:

Coventry Motorcar
2152 Boston Turnpike
Coventry, CT 06238

Pre-Reg is now open!

Register now and save greenbacks! Pre-registering will save you $5 per person and purchasing your SFest apparel ahead of time will guarantee you'll get the size you need.

Please visit" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; where you can purchase event tickets at a discounted rate, //SFest apparel, discounted raffle tickets, etc.

***//SFest apparel orders end Wed 8/7***
***pre-registration (discounted admission) ends Tue 8/20***

Your //SFest Staff
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frosty, I'm assuming you'll be bringing the coupe?
Is there camping on the grounds? What time does it start/end?
m'eh, whatevah.

Mbsjr92 said:

frosty, I'm assuming you'll be bringing the coupe?
yes sir indeed. i'm down to the wire getting it all together.

replaced front tires, swapped coilovers out for stock suspension, replaced drop link, pressed in delrin control arm bushings in the front, and getting it aligned tomorrow.

tomorrow i'll give it a wash and a quick vacuum, then head out sat am at 4am. Should be there about 10am.

it's a saturday only event as far as i know, no camping that i know of either. i'll need some kind of nap as i am working that night then heading straight there lol
OH, forgot to mention, i have a total of 5 delrin rear diff mounts. 45$ per mount. I'll bring them with me to Sfest if anyone is interested and wants to save on shipping.

fits b3 cq, 90, 4000, urs4/6... yada yada yada they're all the same mounts.
i'm out now. tie rod sleeves are seized, car can't be aligned. And i want to take the time tomorrow to swap the rear diff and mount. get rid of the stupid clunking on shifts.
WOMBAT said:
m'eh, whatevah.


See you tomorrow:)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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