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Shed Cleaning Sale: 10v/T44/VW/Misc.

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Okay, I'm losing a roommate and getting a chance to thoroughly organize and now that I have the car mostly finished I'm going to try to get rid of some leftover/duplicates in hopes of helping put the 200 back on the road, I have realized I just can't part with it and it is worth much more to me than I am realistically going to get for it. Anyways, I'll keep adding to this, today was the first day. ALL PRICES ARE +SHIPPING

LOTS of little T44 interior bits, door handles, window switches, seat belts, rear view mirror, oh-ish handles etc. etc. shoot me a PM and I will look, I'll try to go through it all more thoroughly here soon.

10v Cold start valve w/banjo and seal washers $5
10v ISV working when pulled $free with any order
OBDI 3wire VW ABA throttle body housing, have TPS for it (not in pic) $15
2x's OEM Audi wastegate, missing diaphragm (stole them when mine ripped) with good flex section/flanges $10/ea
OEM 10v K26 coolant feed line, fitting is crusty and chewed up but guarantee no leaks or money back $10
OEM 10v K26 Oil feed line, good condition $25
OEM 10v K26 Oil drain line, tarnished but solid $20
9" section of -6AN line $free with any order

VW Corrado G60 valve cover $40, paint is toast but I can powder coat for small additional fee

Stock 10v intercooler in good shape, was strapped but that got sold $15

2ft of -6AN line $5

Stay updated for K26/Turbonetics hybrid and other goodies, thanks for looking! :D
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I will take the cold start valve and the isv. Shipping will be 46996. Pm sent as well. Thanks.
Sent you an email, rate quote seemed expensive but I'll get you a number tomorrow and then they can go out same day.

Thank you!!
Hmm... the k26 hybrid sounds interesting. Post some pics and specs. Im building my 10vt, this might fit the bill.
DE80q said:
Hmm... the k26 hybrid sounds interesting. Post some pics and specs. Im building my 10vt, this might fit the bill.
PM sent, would be perfect for a 10vt :D

Ryan, seems flat rate box would be about $5, I sent you an email I think but hadn't heard back so just lemme know!

And... bump!
I'll take the intercooler. I'll pm with address
Sorry Kraut_Wagon and Ryan, I've been working a ton and getting migranes on the daily for the last week, I'll get you a shipping quote tomorrow Kraut and Ryan's parts finally went out today, now that I have an address for you ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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