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sold 1997 A4 1.8tq manual sedan for parts or beater

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Updated with price. $1200 with worn snows on 17" rims (will not pass inspection).

270k on chassis, about 100k on the engine.
factory sport springs. Bilstein front, boge turbo gas on rear. Recently replaced rusted out rear spring perches.
Cloth sport interior, black. 3 spoke sports steering wheel. Winter mats. Concert head unit.
1-piece headlights. Recent radiator. Cold AC.
Bamboo (tan) exterior.

Rust spot on front passenger door (bubbling).
Hood needs repainting, major chips.
Missing one headlight squirter cover; headlight washer pump removed.
Paint/rust all along top of window frame from bozo windshield replacements.

Could use control arms; hear them clunking.

Currently with 5 16" B6 a4 rims and used snows. Could set it up with a set of 17's with totally worn out snows.

May part it out. Buying a new used car this week.
Car is on Cape Cod, occasionally out to Bolton MA.

Be a great drivable parts car or winter beater; use it for a while, then transplant parts and make $$ parting it out. Registered through the end of the month. May list on craigslist, or do a quick and dirty part out (pull engine, seats, steering wheel, wheels/tires, headlights, send chassis to scrapyard). If interested in parts, PM me an offer; won't have long to pull it apart before sending it away.
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Might take a partial trade with cash.
I need large chassis 17" snows (215/55r17 or similar for my Avus wheels)
15" summer rubber for my ronals on the urq.
16" summer rubber for the fuchs on the urq.
urq intercooler plumbing/intercooler
6-speed tranny for eventual S8 swappage...
bump. Price added with worn snows on 17" rims (Moda).
Tempting as a source of parts for my '98, Chris...I don't think my wife would go for it though.
what parts?
Springs, steering wheel, headlamps, spare set of wheels, front seats, some misc. interior bits.

So, some things that don't make sense to ship (weight/size).
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