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spark problem

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Ive been having this spark issue for a while. Seems like I replace the spark plugs every 6k miles. They end up cracking. Maybe a diff heat spark plug would help? Now I have a code 2413 and I cant give the car more than quarter throttle without it cutting out. Any suggestions?
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What car? What spark plugs?

2413 (Blink Fault Code), 00561 VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Mixture Adjustment,
Adaptation limit exceeded, Adaptation limit not reached, Leakage in exhaust system before 3 Way catalytic converters, Incorrect signal for Mass Air Flow Sensor, Spark plugs, ignition coil(s), or Ignition Coil Power output stage malfunctioning
Symptom: Rich mixture, increased fuel consumption
95 s6 20vt. I tried the denso iridiums and ngk.
Is possible you spark plug socket is cracking the plugs? Only plugs I have heard of cracking are the stock bosch f5dpor plugs and I've never seen that first hand. Are you over tightening them? Something has to be off for this to keep happening.
Possibly, ill actually try using a torque wrench and tightening it to specs this time and see what happens. but now I still have this acceleration problem. No vacume leaks, I cleaned the maf. either the maf has a bad signal or the ignition is going. Could it be the ignition module going bad? Maybe theres a test for that
A bad POS or coils are possible more info
I don't use a torque wrench when it comes to spark plugs and have never had an issue.
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