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Stuff for sale

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Will post pictures tonight...

Front 5k/100/200 "narrow body" mud flaps, good shape, were on my old '86 5ktq. $40 + shipping

V8q transmission dip stick, brand new, never used. $55 + shipping (these are $65+ new)

NIB 034 1C with 5cyl "flying lead" harness. No idea the firmware revision, the last time it was fired up was probably at Nate's desk at 034. $800 with harness and a couple extra sensors/connectors + shipping (I will only ship this UPS with insurance for the full amount).

T44 "red tag" factory rebuilt hydraulic pump - off a '87.5 5kq, worked when removed. $50 + shipping

V8q hydraulic pump with new rebuild kit - off a 1990 V8q. $60 + shipping (needs pulled first though, still on the engine)
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Okay, so I haven't had a chance to post pictures yet, but bumping this anyway...
i'll take the hydraulic pump... if its still available.
It is, I replied to your PM.
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