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stumble at around 3k rpm

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car is strumbling around 3k rpm, wont accel under partial load. Can it possibly be the cam or knock sensor going bad on it? any simple tests that can be done? i already ordered the knock sensor as its the cheaper part and at a 160 k its probably not a bad idea to do it. didint wanna get the cam sensor as its around $230
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What mobile transportation unit is this? You can find knock sensors on here on the cheap.
Check your hall sender connection if it's a 10vt.... Had a loose connection that would cause a miss or stumble.
95 audi s6 20vt, was told that the cam sensor or the knock sensors could be the problem. getting code 2413 (Blink Fault Code), 00561 VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number
Mixture Adjustment,
Adaptation limit exceeded, Adaptation limit not reached, Leakage in exhaust system before 3 Way catalytic converters, Incorrect signal for Mass Air Flow Sensor, Spark plugs, ignition coil(s), or Ignition Coil Power output stage malfunctioning
Symptom: Rich mixture, increased fuel consumption
You check for spark? plugs, cable, dist...check coil (bently?) Fuel, and compression first? I know its basic bullshit but I got wrapped up with similar intermittent probs and it turned out to be a faulty throttle sensor that seemed to be unrelated but checking the basic diagnostics shoved me in the right direction.
I'm just sayin don't throw a buncha feckin parts at it until you know its not something staring you in the face.
Likely a pos or coil issue.
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