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Tach not working??

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Do I need to do anything special to get my factory tach (93 Corrado SLC) working with my IIc ECU?
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The 91' and up Corrado's have the digital cluster. As long as you phase table is setup correctly in the 034 ecu, you should be able to take the 034 tach out ( black connector pin 10) and feed it into the Corrado cluster wiring harness which should be T28/10 ( which is the 28 pin connector of really small wires that connect to the back of the cluster. It is easier to splice in somewhere near the fuse box with the wire that originally triggered the tach in OEM form which is connected to G1/12 in the fusebox it is the middle white connector on the top row. The factory wire is most likely red/black or green.

Hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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