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The definition of weird crap that Audi does rant.....

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I went to replace the oil pan on my 1998 A4 2.8 30V last night (managed to strip out the drain-plug threads). I had my new oil pan ready to go along with a new gasket. However, the new oil pan doesn't seem to match the original. I made a bad assumption that because I have a 1998 model year vehicle that I could order parts for that car without verifying the part number on the original part. I know, I know..... rookie move.

I ran the part number on the original oil pan and it turns out it is for a 12V V6 from a 1997 model year A4. So, my 30V car has the lower oil-pan setup from the older engine. I suppose this has to do with my build date 06/1997, but how the heck does stuff like this make it through quality control? It is also a royal pain in the butt for the vehicle-owner.

I re-used the original oil pan for now (with a fresh oil change of course) and will order the correct parts for the next oil change. Oh the joys of Audi. End rant.
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If you enter your VIN, like all those "genuine online" parts places ask for, would it generate that you need a 12v pan or the incorrect 30v pan.
This is very true and I completely understand it is a rookie move, but I assumed because I have a 30V engine that I would order a 30V oil pan. Makes sense, right? :wink:
no, i was not pointing out a rookie move, i was just asking if the vin gave you the correct part or not.
:stupid: I'd like to know that as well....

I do understand where you're coming from though, in Canada I really think we were a clearing house for Audi.
I've seen quite a few oddities, usually with trim or options but I even bought a 95 UrS6 for parts that had no Airbags :?
Was never equipped with them...not sure how that one was able to be registered but I think the steering wheel is worth what I paid for the car.
greesha said:
no, i was not pointing out a rookie move, i was just asking if the vin gave you the correct part or not.
My bad... misunderstood you, sorry.

I checked the VIN and that shows the wrong part number, at least according to the online stores. Maybe the dealer could verify it, but that is a long shot.
Wouldn't have that problem with a 4.2 in it ;)
12v and 30v production are pretty close back then, what is the difference visually?
Slight differences in shape and bolt-pattern, so no way to make it fit.
Early '98 30vs are weird. Lots of parts on them such as the oil pan, throttle body, wiring harnesses, and ECU that are unique to the very early build 30vs.

A4V8swap said:
Wouldn't have that problem with a 4.2 in it ;)
I have a early 30v with a good oil pan I'm tossing if you want it just pay me shipping. Only thing is by the time it gets across the country you can probably have one.
I don't need it until my next oil change, which is not for another 5000 miles, so I can wait. Let me know what part number is on your pan as they look almost identical until you try to bolt it in place.
We've seen this far too many times to bother keeping track. Audi doesn't seem to believe in model year changes, just running ones.
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