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The Music Game

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I would like to find more music to enjoy. To that end I will employ the considerable musical expertise of MotorGeek. :)

Here's how the game works. I post a song/music video to start which I REALLY like. The next person must ALSO really like the song I posted and then post one they really like which is of SIMILAR TASTE. I'm not trying to find out if I like country or rap. I already know I don't. :p Just keep it in the same/similar genre.

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Apparently YouTube has it disabled in our country. At least that's what it says on my phone. But my phone is.... we shall say unique lately. Anyhow...

Aqua lollipop. ( candy man )
sounds like the formula used to create your own "radio stations" on line. start throwing some songs at pandora, slacker, or the like and it should find some music for you..... or are those web radios limited to only mainstream stuff?
OK then.

This is 'See You at the End' by Blair "Moog" Joscelyne. He is not only a musician in Australia, but also one of the guys behind Mighty Car Mods, the popular YouTube car series. Points for a car tie-in!

search "80s supercar music" its AWESOME :D
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