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there it is, I've been thinking about it for ages and I finally got an urS4 in 2018. I hope to make it my daily driver, well my "nice" daily, I will keep my trusty beater Mondeo.

so it's a '93 Avant 6spd, vulcan black on black leather. it's an italian market car (so it has wider rear wheel well), it has sport suspension, solid roof, AC and electric sport seats.

It will remain bar stock except rom and should look something like a patrol car, flat black, tinted to the full extent of the law, totally debadged and THAT IS IT.

I knew of this car for at least two years, buddy/customer picked it up, never registered or used it and it sat neglected. I didn't want to give him what he asked for the flip cause he's a greedy bastard and I am cheap mofo.
I was thinking doing the old germany run, go to the austrian border pick up a better example but really, I realised it was not that worth it, this one was there, not that expensive, was exactly the model I wanted...also I looked again at the ads on and waoh, price had really picked up by then !
so as he talked me again into the car wich was going to loose its parking spot, I said come on, go for it ! really wasn't the right time but is it ever ?

this car was quite mistreated, it took some work to get it back on the road and it will take some more to make it really good.

it was quite an hassle to register it, had to do a lot just to pass inspection, then I had to do all the "little stuff" and there were tons of it, to name a few :

_ front bumper smashed

_ headliner totally unglued

_ mismatched headlights and turn signals

_ shot ignition coils and burned loom, it ran most of the time on 3 or 4 cylinders

_ all wheels and tires shot

_ all shocks shot

_ one torn CV boot

_ no battery

_ bad ignition switch

_ central locking not locking

_ rotten exhaust

_ bad MFTS, dash was showing 20°C too hot

_ bad O2 sensor, was down to 10 mpg

_ seized parking brakes

_ leaky oil pressure sender

_ bad starter solenoid

_ bad airbag coilspring

you get it : bad bad bad, shot shot, leaky leaky ! needed lotsa TLC

well, I fixed all that, it did not take a lot of parts, mainly work.

also I installed new radiators, belts, the timing belt was very loose, quite impressed it didn't jump

found some better stock wheels, then another set that is almost mint, also a set of sweet Azev "A" but those will need a full rebuild

added a tempomat setup I had, patched the hole in the roof for the stock telephone antenna, rebuilt the headliner, all that was quite a pita.

anyway, here it is, up and running but still a lot left to do

if you did read all this, thanks.

on to the pix !

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