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1993 urs4 Tornado Red

Mileage 145k


034 intake
Silicone boost hoses
034 catch can
034 bpv
Apikol coil kit
V10 coils
Tim's Turbos custom built stage 2 T3 specd out to about the same flow as a gt3071r
Rs2 manifold
Bosch 440s
Innovate lc1 wide band
034 rip chip w/ gt3071 boost map
Some nice engine dress up stuff (limited run brush aluminum fuel rail cover and rear cover
Gen 4 stromung turbo-back
New battery

Suspension / brakes
Front Porsche boxster s brembos w new a8 rotors and hawk pads
Rear stock w/ drilled rotors
Koni yellows and h&rs
2bennet strut bar
2bennet camber plates (adj)
Petrol 18in wheels with stainless lip w/ brand new bridgestones

A pillar mounted boost and volt
Vent mounted wide and monitor
Wires for wideband controller and rip chip fed into glovebox for laptop access
Seats are near mint
Glass is all good new windshield
Dash is prefect
Carpet is perfect
NO RUST anywhere
Lltek RS2 bumper installed and painted looks great

Turbo to manifold gasket needs to be replaced
Small coolant leak from turbo feed line, needs new copper washer
About due for a timing belt
Wheels have a couple little marks on them
A few small dings here and there on the body, no big dents or scratches though
Clear coat on a pillars and above windshield has flaked a little bit, not that noticeable from 10 feet away
Coolant temp gauge either needs to be replaced or re soldered, as it is non functional, the overheating warning still works however, as I bench tested that function for peace of mind.
The previous owner installed a custom stero which included modifying the door panels with speaker boxes, I think they look terrible... Car comes with a set of stock door panels, just swap the I'm over and install new speakers and you are good to go.

Car is very solid, I have had it for the last 4 years and done a lot of maintaince and work to it. Never had any major issues with it, just minor things that I have addressed for the most part. My plan this year wa to fix all the things on that list above but, I acquired a 67 bug and have fallen in love with that guy, plus my vintage motorcycle has been eating up a lot of my time and money, I've started to think that maybe my little s needs a new home where someone with the time will get her to 100%! Also I have been toying with the idea or building a rat rod, so I need funds for that also...'s a real solid car... Everything works, sunroof, ac, windows, door locks... Everything aside from that coolant gauge.

Any how, sorry for the typos and not having pics at the moment, typing this on my iPad, I will get some pics soon.. If you are interested just send me an email [email protected] and i can send some pics to you that way too...

I was thinking with what it needed, miles and everything else that I want around $6,250 obo....

Like I said though, if someone wants it for close to that price let me know, I'm not really in a panic to sell, just thinking about it.


Car is located 20 miles north of Detroit

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Wow, email sent!
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