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thinking about selling my 200s again. $3000

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So like the title says im up in the air about it. The audi curse. To get rid of or to keep pressing on is the question. The cars are both black on black 91 200 20vt's. The one car hit a tree and is only good for parts now. The other drives fine but needs front brakes. Its got the ufos and the front left is grinding now. This is the reason for my selling of it. Its either do girlings for cheap but arent very good or spend the money and get the 993 brakes put on. The car does not come with 993 brakes btw.

Im asking 1000 for the parts car and 3000 for the runner. Would like to sell them together. I also have ur s4 wheels in mint shape id sell for 380 picked up since thats what I paid for them. Im willing to work on shipping the parts car if its within a certain distance. Also will not sell the parts car until the driving car sells.

3000 for runner.

1000 parts car
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Pictures and more on the condition of the car please.
I will have pix up soon
I drove from Detroit to Teaneck New Jersey to get this thing. 22+ hrs of driving straight. They're incredibly rare as you all know. The reason I went after it is due to my now "parts car" which was immaculate and made me fall in love with them. However that car didnt need as much attention as this one does and its harder to keep driving it at 80 bucks a tank for a daily and worrying if it might break. Id keep it if I could afford a back up car or the space for either in a garage. So i must sell it. On with the pictures.

The wires hanging are all there connected and work. The reason they're like that is because the guy I bought the car from told me he was transporting a moped back there and the handle bar grabbed in that area when he was removing it and it yanked a bunch of wires down. He fixed them and I havent had time to really go thru it and clean it up with solder and shrink wrap. Yet another reason why I want to sell it. I just dont have any time.

The other main flaw is the rear window trim (doesnt leak there) and the head liner. The hatch leaks a little too in one spot. Ive been just putting a towel there so it doesnt get on the carpet and I keep swapping out towels after it rains.

The car is in need of a lot of love but it works and I drive it 65 miles every day. I stopped driving it just this past week due to the front left brake starting to grind. The UFOs are original as I said before and I'm at the point where I'm either keeping it and putting on 993 brakes and bilsteins and S4 wheels/tires (have bits and pieces) or I sell it now and get a more fuel efficient econobox to get by til I pay off college loans.

More reasons why these cars are awesome:

rally cross:

Parts car pix:

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What color is the interior of the parts car?
If the answer is black or tan, I may be interested in some bits.
Is there a black cargo cover you might sell and ship?
I have one but I really dont want to part anything until the main car is sold. It'd be pointless to sell valuable parts if I still own the working 200. If I sell it I could care less about keeping the parts and would NEED to sell them so I dont try to put that engine/trans in something else.
no interest?
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