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Time to let go of my 200 20v and S4 parts car can separate

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Well, I hate to let it go , really love the car, but I don't the time or the space to work on it anymore and there are different priorities in my life right now, kids, buying a house, etc...

Putting my 91 200 20v up for sale along with the rolled S4 I bought to do a complete motor swap and all of the bits I've collected for it and other Audis that the buyer wants. Right now it's a package deal, don't really want to deal with separating at this point and I'm not desperate to let it go either it just seems like the right time. Asking $5000 OBO for everything.

Here is a link to my project thread here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17569&start=0" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

The 200 is pearl white with gray sport leather, it has a few scratches and dings, I won't tell you it's perfect but it still looks nice and the inside has been cared for, no ripped seats or falling headliner. I will start adding pics as I take them. has a few electrical niggles a bad window switch, drivers seat heater doesn't work, rear speakers need to be wired... nothing horrible

Here is the list of upgrades: 2bennett chip set good for 330ish hp, 034 rs2 injectors, garret t04e/K26 turbo from 034, adjustable FPR, Walbro 255 fuel pump, metal head gasket, arp studs, freshened head, maybe 10K on all that, 7a cams, phenolic spacer, EVO 8 intercooler, Tial BOV, Blow through MAF (never had a problem with it). de-catted exhaust, have a german made tube header that never got installed, 2bennett street sport suspension (Konis with adjustable coil overs in the rear and H&R 28900s in the front), currently has 17inch A4 5 spokes with newish goodyears, relayed euro lights which are like driving in day light better than any new car I've driven so far, 034 delrin motor and trans mounts, 034 wheels studs, cell phone arm rest for added storage.

Here is why I bought the S4, My wife had to drive the 200 for about 2 months when a deer committed suicide on the front of her van. After we got the van back I noticed that the Audi was leaving an oil smoke cloud behind it when driving down the road. Compression test revealed on cylinder significantly lower than the rest #1 95psi, #2 160psi, #3 120psi, #4 145psi, #5 155psi. on a cold compression test. So, I found a healthy but rolled 93 S4 to do an aan swap. The 200 still runs and drives it's just smokey. I wanted to do a complete AAN swap but it could certainly go in the 200 with the 3b stuff attached to it and it would look like it was never messed with. Compression numbers on the aan were all between 150 and 160 as I remember it, could check again though if you like.

I have a white v8 front bumper with brackets and all the lights to go on the 200, a german made tube header that I bought from Derrecuda, OE headlights, OE suspension, 3 sets of wheels including the S4 speedlines, box of 3 inch mandrel bends, 944 calipers, 3b cams, 7a intake, 1600cc e85 injectors, OE intake, 2nd place 2007 pacific waterland trophy :), Audi touch up paint kit, 3 volume set of service manuals etc....

Located near Portland, OR
$5000 OBO
I'll get pics up soon but there are pics of the 200 in the link to the project thread above.
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couple pics so far of the S4, the seats were gone when I bought it, most of the rest is there..


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Put up some more pics

More parts of the package

Header is German made not the Chinese eBay version.... All flanges were professionally planed


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Under the hood of the S4. All stock except for 034 coil packs


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I wish I had more extra cash laying around
Finally was able to get some shots of the 200. These were taken this afternoon 8/4/13






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Wish it was a wagon...








The turbo is off at the moment... Was wanting to make sure the turbo wasn't the cause of the smoke...


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Twintowers said:
Wish it was a wagon...
You could put a rack and a roof box on it :) The trunk will hold multiple bodies plus there is the smuggling compartment that will easily hold a droid or two...
Decided that I am willing to Separate the two cars but I don't ave time to part out the S4 right now so it would need to be all or nothing. Separated I'd like $3000 for the 200 and $2000 for the S4 pretty firm on those prices...
The 200 comes with all the parts shown above the header, extra turbo, v8 Q bumper etc... 3000 OBO
bump for price dump...
$2500 OBO for the 200
$2000 OBO for the S4

Would like them to go to good homes
C'mon, no one wants a nice running all stock AAN for a swap, all the accessories are there and all the wiring as well. Plus it comes wrapped in a nicely styled steel box that rolls if needed and even cushions the engine with sport tuned suspension. Who wouldn't want an engine to come so well protected

$2000 OBO
Hey matt, willing to sell the v8 bumper stuff separate? I'd be interested if its in good shape... I'm local
I'm interested in the S4. I just started getting shipping quotes for it and it looks like it won't be too bad to ship it to Salt Lake. PM me so we can chat about its current condition.
Someone Needs to buy this S4 from me... $1750 OBO I need it to leave...
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