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Type 44 treser tails FS

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these are the real deal, not copy's that will fade. These are 25 years old, and not perfect (some fine cracking) but they are complete. will accept best offer. will not ship these.


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Cant get these due to lack of a key hole.. Blahh
I believe there is a cutout on them for the keyhole, so you can use them on 5k or 200/V8. The ones on my sedan came from a 200 Avant, so I had to punch the cutout and voila! keyhole
Is this true?
How much?
eurofinder said:
outers as well?
please read the first post, your answer is right there
mounty said:
How much?
Please read the very first post, your answer is right there
Fottafazee said:
Is this true?
please look at picture in very first post, this is how they are being sold, if you want to ruin them by drilling a hole in them, well that's on you
Roger that.. Forget it, bro good luck
if only i wasnt broke, i have the matching spoiler.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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