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Unknown kkk 26

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Could anyone help me? i have one kkk 26-3472 hhb 10,91
could anyone give me any spec about the turbo? how much hp can it produce?

inducer 86,4 mm
exducer around 60,6 mm

inducer 64,6 mm
exduser 54,6 mm
nr 10 exhaust housing


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Yes it is, little holes drilled and tappet into the casting

I have full boost around 4000-4400, yes it is a bit lagy but i thing i will try it with my new setup, i´ve been told that the cold side should produce 600-700 hp but the hot side will be the restrictive part and stop at around 500-550,
I bought this new but i had no info about it other than i was good for 500++

The Imsa charger 3476 and different housing i know one who has dynoed one with 9 housing to 630 HP

The S1 charger 3470

I dont have any more pictures now but what do you want to know about the blue tag?
Is it possible to mount a bigger hot side and what should i have? and who can get it done?
I have around 0,5 bar at 3000 and by 4400 2,2 bar.
Ok then i´m going to try it, and let the figures decide, i was thinking to try turbonetic t04e of some kind, but many of my buddies have had som problems, the turbonetics will not whithstand that kind of a beating as a kkk. and since i am going to try a antilag setup, i think it will be the best solution,

Thank you
What do you mean by propan injection? thats new for me?
the turbo was good for:
472,3 hp at 7000 rpm and 548,2 Nm on unleaden 98 max boost was 2 bar
with 102 Rft race fuel it was good for
549,4 hp at 6500 rpm and 639,5 Nm max boost was 2,2 bar

The drawback was its exhaust pressure 3 bar.........
1 - 7 of 25 Posts