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urs4 - any btdt high pressure ps hose fabbing?

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Pirtek. Cheap and reliable.
I took my pwr steering line to Pirtek. The line from the pump to rack they couldn't do. There is a small plastic line inside of it that they couldn't connect. They can do the line from the pump to the bomb no problem! That has been my experience.
That's odd -I just had them make all the lines for a customer's '95 UrS6 about three weeks ago. They used their own brand of fittings with a spiral wound metal coil inside for vibration damping. They saved my butt on a hard to get clutch line last year and they've been my go-to guys for hoses ever since.
If I remember correctly, about 3yrs ago when I attempted this, the first time they tried I told them the line had something in it for vibration damping. The fella said "I wondered what all that stuff was in the line". When I got the line back the second time it came with some kind of union/coupler with the internal plastic line connected at one end but not the other. They also reused both fittings from OE line. So I tried it. Got the front end of the car off the ground, started it up, maxed the steering out to the left and right a couple times and the PS rack was making noise when fully locked left or right. :-/ So I figured it couldn't be done. I took it to a Pirteck location here in Commerce City, Co that sees all kinds of heavy equipment and such for hydro lines. I still think Pirteck does good work and are inexpensive. We used them a lot when I worked on the big rigs. I don't know, maybe I wasn't holding my mouth right! ;-)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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