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Verify timing, no spark, now starts

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Distributor should point like this at TDC

Flywheel mark should line up like this. This hole is located below the distributor where the transmission meets the block. The "0" mark is pretty hard to see and you may need to take a rag to the flywheel and wipe it away to see it.

That along with the pulley timing marks you should be okay. And yes I would say if your confident in your timing and it spins freely with no extra force other than the compression stroke you should be okay.
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cool thank you i will look for that to verify it further. the circle hole must have something to do with clutch.
I wouldn't rely on the crank pulley mark. Follow the coolant hard pipe that feeds your heater core, and the hole in the bell housing is right at the 90 degree turn to the passenger side, below your distributor like a4v8swap mentioned. At TDC, the 0 on the flywheel will be half-visible, the other half (dotted line in the picture above) will be hidden behind the 'step' located just to the right of the 0 in the picture.
please see above edited description; timing marks are all correct.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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