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1987 Volvo 740
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Hello everyone.

I've been around here for a while now reading on many different projects so I thought it was time to share my own project. I've been building this for a while, so it will be a bit old information in the beginning, but still suggestions are welcome because it isn't finished yet and things can always become better.

I've got this car 19 years ago. It's a 1987 Volvo 740 TIC (turbo intercooler). First thing i did was of course to strip it down, repaint it, body kit, big stereo and such things as I guess almost every 18 year olds do to their first car?
So the color of choice was a Volvo "R" color named "Flash Green Metallic". It turned out pretty neat, and with 3x the factory boost it moved alright too. I think it was one of the quicker Volvos in town by that time.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive side marker light

Anyhow. I guess for some of us a powerfull engine is fun, so the hunt began for something more fun in this thing. Volvos I5 swap is really common and I6's starting to get normal too, so it wasn't really appealing enough. While doing the swap it would also be great to get enough grip since the oem rear axle almost everytime wants to do one wheel burnouts.

So I had this German imported thing standing in my driveway, not registered in Sweden so I couldn't drive it on the roads.

I guess what's about to happen will probably upset few readers, but I began to strip the front end out of the Audi and took out the subframe, suspensions, engine and gearbox.
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It's the older 4.2l 32v V8 lump in this car. Before I got the car from Germany, it was imported from Italy, so it was converted to run on gas/LPG, some of the components are visible on the comming picture.
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After some searching on the Internet and help from a local Audi dealer I got my hands on this information about the fix points of the front cradle.
Gesture Font Parallel Auto part Magenta

So, with the tape measure in my hand I started to measure on the Volvos frame rail. It was alot of measuring to get it all centered and so everything would fit alright within the volvos body. First of the front fixing points came to place, just a notch wider than the oem rail but with a little triangulation it should keep it together.
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The other side came along aswell, just copy the first side and it was done.
Automotive tire Tread Tire Bicycle part Rim

When they were done I could start triangulate for the rear points, I had to cut a bit more of the rail and make more of a cup to make the subframe fit, the rail was also wider than the subframe so i had to make a wedge in to the center to support it.
Hood Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

And as the front one's, when one side were done it was just to copy it to make it work on the other side.
Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design Rim

When the new attachment points were done, the Audi cradle fitted nicely within the Volvo 馃憤
Electrical wiring Electricity Gas Electrical supply Engineering

I also had to gut the Volvo strut towers to make the massive Audi suspension come through, pieces of cardboard and metal became a model of where I needed to cut out to make place.
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So, I guess this will be the start of this project since I only could attach 10 pictures.
As said, I've come a bit further than this, but I will get there eventually.

I hope you will enjoy this project despite the sacrilegious unity between the car brands 馃槉

Until next time


1987 Volvo 740
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So, the mockup starts, as the earlier picture of the subframes fixing points, I also got my hands on the fixing points for the struts. Made me a simple jig out of some wood and started to clear out to fit the struts in the chassis.
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Engineering Scrap

Took the cardboard and transferred it to two metal plates to go on top of the struts to start make new towers. The Audi is an aluminium spaceframe and the Volvo is regular metal, so I couldn't use the aluminium to join in the project car on a easy way and also because of regulations.
Wood Font Gas Metal Concrete

Fixed the new plates up with the jig and used some tubing for the bolts to go in to try make it a bit stiffer.
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Then I started to build the towers of sparemetal from donor Volvos strut towers.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle

New wheel arches was made.
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After some time the towers were starting to take good shape.
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New cut-outs were made in the framerails to make room for the front halfshafts between gearbox and front wheels
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Nearly completed towers, but enough to attachs the Audi subframe and suspension within the volvo chassis.
Motor vehicle Hood Light Automotive design Vehicle

Of course I had to try the engine aswell 馃槉
Way in the front, so not the best placement compared to the oem style place for the engine (almost all the way back against the firewall)
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But this would give me alot of place to tuck away other things since I have almost 35cm (roughly one foot) of space from the firewall to the engine, or atleast I thought I had alot of room 馃槄


1990 Coupe Quattro (3B, K26/K27, VEMS), 2007 S8
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Awesome, can't wait to see more.

The essence of Audi is in the powerplants and drivetrain, so you'll hear no complaints (certainly not here) regarding placing that into other cars.
Now, place a bland econobox FWD engine into an UrQ, and you may get some interesting comments.

1987 Volvo 740
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Now, place a bland econobox FWD engine into an UrQ, and you may get some interesting comments.
Yeah, I've heard similar stuff about this engine swap from Volvo enthusiasts regarding this project 馃槄
But the volvo platform with their rotated engine placement and awd wasn't really appealing to me even though it probably had been easier to swap in more of the donor car bodywork and just weld it in place, atleast saved much on fabrication time 馃檪

Hope I won't disappoint 馃榿
The goal is to achieve as much hp/nm as possible with the most grip as possible for a reasonable amount of money 馃檪 So i figured this is a good base to start on. Also it will be street legal here in Sweden, so I must follow some general rules when it comes to stuff, if things might seem bananas it could be because of that 馃槄

One of theese rules are that I shouldn't grind down welds before they are judged and cleared ok by a inspector, otherwise i might have to do them again just to show that they are ok or something like that, and the inspector comes 2 times to check on the build. First when it's a rolling chassie, so pretty much everything is in place (engine doesn't need to run though) and gives me a list (hopefully with 0 faults) to fix, and when I think the car is done they come again to check it's ok. Also there are demands on noise (intake, exhaust...) so a db driveby test, exhaust emission and such. 馃檪


1987 Volvo 740
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So I sourced out a manual gearbox instead of the automatic one from the donor car. Gearbox of choice fell on a diesel one from A4, code ENV. Of course a 01E to get along with the V8 馃檪 It should have the wide 1st and flexible shaft along with connections for an external oil cooler (red plugs).
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I also got my hands on a matching rear diff, code ETS, in a fine condition. Only problem that it was a bit to wide for the s8 frame, so i had to swap the output axles since I do not own a lathe.
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Also the rear brace had to be swapped, the A4 brace was to much different from the S8.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Auto part Electric blue

It doesn't look like much difference, but one is a bit longer than the other one. Too long to make the rear shafts move freely enough in my opinion. If I remember correct now, it was pressed all way to the most inner state, and I wanted some play within it.
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One problem i git with the engine is that the oilfilter location sucks. Well it's easy enough to acess, but it fouls the Volvo frame rail. So I had to find a solution to this one.
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And on the other side, the wheel for the power steering pump is too big diameter. You can see the center guidepin on the pump within the center hole.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Alloy wheel Rim Automotive design

The older PT engine has a power steering pump with a smaller diameter wheel. The rib on the belt is the same, but the pump doesn't fit the newer style attachment in the engine. And I dont know what happens if you put the smaller wheel on the newer pump. It will rotate much quicker, so how much damage could that make on the pump if it rotates way too quick 馃
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

So while looking for solutions i began to make an easy mockup for the steering rack, so I could make something better.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Auto part Engineering Gas

A new hole had to be made in the firewall, and this of course fouled the brake pedal along with the brake booster..
Red Automotive tire Gas Snout Art

From the inside one may see that the new hole for the steering is about 5cm (2") higher than the standard fitting.
Wood Paint Grey Art Wall

So, now I had to source out an solution for the oil filter, something for the power steering and a solution for the brake pedal.


1987 Volvo 740
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One of the things that I had plenty of, was lack of space to do things on 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 but yeah, just get along and do what one can do with the space one has I guess
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle Automotive exterior

So I had to roll out the project in the carport everytime I wanted to do anything on it, and roll it back in again when tje day was over or I had to stop.

With some exterior in place it looked almost like a car again. The Audi have a wider track than the Volvo and I don't want to get narrower tires, so I'll stick with the 245's and gonna make some sort of widebody instead.
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Started on the rear to make the rear subframe fit on the Volvo to ease the job of keep rolling in/out the project. Got my hands on this Volvo 960 cradle and spring support that i figure I could use for something. It's attached in the body with 5 screws so it should be enough to support the Audi sub, atleast on one side.
Grey Gas Font Concrete Road surface

I made an easy copy of it since the Volvo ones didn't fit, of course. The thing was that I tried to make it reversible if I at some point wanted to bail out and go another route. But i wasn't really happy with this layout either.
Wood Gas Composite material Fixture Concrete

So I measured again the width of the Audis cradle fixpoints, cut of the cups i made, got a wooden bar and attached it to the cups. With a jack i managed to lift it up and keep in place so I could weld them in place
Wood Gas Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Machine

So I Did 4 of these, one in each corner, so I could mount the audi cradle.
Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Car

After that i started looking at spring location and support. Had to cut very little in the frame to make it work. So a circular plate was made and mounted in the frame.
Wood Gas Bumper Flooring Metal

An outer support were also made and welded in place.
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Here it is with the cradle in place and speing in its location.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tread

And voil脿, the car stands again on 4 wheels.
In this picture the spring isn't mounted in place, but this is the height I want, I'm not a big fan of lowering the car so much that it make putting the tire within the wheelwell. If I want it lower I'll look into another dimension/height of the tire since the Audi diameter is almost 5cm (2") higher than the Volvo and that would make it possible to lower the car the same amount.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

So now I had the car on all 4 and it became way easier to roll it in/out and work on it. Also it was a minor milestone to make it stand on wheels again, so it felt good.


1987 Volvo 740
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Here is the difference visible between the audi 245 45 18's vs the Volvo 185 65 15's. So technically I could lower the car just by swapping out for a lower sidewall. The catch of that is that the speedometer will get tricked, so some sort of "yellow box" or similar is needed then.
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Anyhow. The second attempt of a fixing was made for the steering rack. The thought were to use the horizontal plane to put the FPR, oil catchcan, windscreen washerfluid and such things on, to hide it a bit behind the engine.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

But i wasn't really pleased with this either. It took up to much place forward towards the rear of the engine. So I left it like this for a while trying to figure something better out. And you probably guessed it, this is my first project car that I have to come up with other solutions than just remodeling oem parts a bit with the grinder and welder.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Gas Engineering

So I proceeded with the steering wheel assembly. Since i had the Audi rack I couldn't make it fit the Volvo assembly. Trying to figure out a good position.
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Art

Here I have a volvo part that looks really great for this. That one is used in a 960 to hold the assembly in place.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Gas Engineering Machine

A bit cutting and welding did the trick 馃憤
And it has been way more stabilised and propper welded after this photo.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Machine Auto part

Then I thought, what the heck, let's toss in the complete thing! So I went a bit bananas and got really surprised over how little differences there is to make this work
Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Car Steering part

After some giggles over how the dash probably gonna get me hanged, the project continued in the engine bay. Since the strut towers are selfmade I figured they needed support. So a simple bar was made, figured it would bolt up with 4 bolts, 2 on each side, to make it detachable to ease engine removal and such.
Motor vehicle Hood Bumper Automotive exterior Wood

But I wasn't sure it would be enough, so I fortified the top of the firewall and set an diagonal tube to it aswell.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Gas Automotive exterior

And again, I wasn't sure if that would be enough, so I made two more 馃檲 So now it's hopefully triangulated enough to keep the new front geometry in place 馃檪

I'm thinking of remaking the bar between the towers a little more to the back, so the tube meets the other two center tubes or atleast more towards the middle of the tops.
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1987 Volvo 740
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The Audi parts car is much wider than the Volvo, leaving some demands on wider wheel arches to make clearence for suspension travel. I think it is almost 10cm per side (4") that needed to be done to make this work properly.
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Asphalt

On the rear it is a bit less, 8-9cm (near 3.5") to make room.
Hood Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Wood

I actually managed to fit the entire dash in the Volvo. It's a bit wide, so it interfere with the doors, but with some persuasion with hammer and grinder it will probably work. I stripped the Audi dashboard aluminum bar from attachment points (the smaller joints) and made my own and welded in the Volvo, so it turned out better than I hoped for.
Car Vehicle Speedometer Motor vehicle Gauge

Even the centre console with armsrest sits pretty well. But prubably as usual theese early armrest is broken in the hinge where the bolt goes. So I purchased the facelift ones of Ebay, still laying in the package waiting to be mounted.

For the sharp eyed one, you also might see that i have taken the leather rear seat and tried to fit in the Volvo. I also tried the Recaro front seats, but they all became too high so you had your head in the roof. So no go for the Audi seats in the Volvo.
Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design

Afterwards I went on with the e-brake. The Volvo one doesn't fot the Audi consoles, so the Audi one had to be mounted in the Volvo. Poor image quality on this one, but with some L brackets welded in place it works.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior

On the underside i mounted the Audi oem dustcap.
I also went under the Audi and checked how the cables are attached and copied that design to my Volvo with some minor adjustments to make it fit and be strong.
Paint Wood Brick Gas Tints and shades

Next up was the gear selector box. The donor car is automatic so I went to the nex towns scrapyard and sourced me an A4 selector. I also took the connection rods between the leveler and gearbox, but i found out that they wasn't for a 01E and was inverted, when trying to put in 1st gear it would have been 2nd, when trying for 3rd it had been 4th and when trying to put in 5th it would become 6th instead.
Automotive tire Milling Bumper Machine tool Gas

The A4 selector boot/knob assembly with my donor cars fake wood trim
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The center console when in place. The E-brake trim is just on, not in propper place, it fits better than whats shown on this pic.
Wood Motor vehicle Brick Gas Tints and shades

So when all was in place, I took a large blanket and covered it all so I wouldn't damage anything and went on with the rest of the car. But of course I sat in the chair a couple of times imagine how this thing would be to drive.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design


1987 Volvo 740
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I went on making some easy enginestands to fit the smaller PT engine within the car.
Asphalt Gas Grass Road surface Machine

But firstly the engine got placed on the spare cradle to mock up some gearbox stands
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Engineering Auto part Gas

So a set of fast/easy/sketchy ones were made just so I can testfit a V8 engine with a manual quattro gearbox in the volvo to see if it actually gonna fit properly with all the gearselector arms and such things.
Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Electric blue Wood

Some paint on them and down the rabithole it went
Blue Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Engineering

It sits way in the front, just like the other v8 of course, so that will cause me some issues regarding radiator, ic, ac condenser
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Car

But I actually had a good experience for once. The donor Audi has a 288,2cm wheelbase (113.46") and my Volvo has 277cm (109.1"). This seems to me that the propshaft needs to be shortened to fit on my project. But, the automatic transmission that sat in the donor i actually 11cm (4.33") longer than the manual gearbox 馃槻
Automotive tire Wood Gas Engineering Auto part

So the propshaft just fits like a glove 馃槻 No modifications needed 馃檲
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior

I actually tried this afterwards, figure it would be awesome 馃榿
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

But I didn't want a bubble in the hood (I want it to be a sleeper, for some time atleast before everyone figures it out) And here in Sweden to keep it open like this would not be tolerated becaus Auntie Agda might get stuck in there if I would hit her with the car 馃檲 Or something like that. It's too dangerous according the inspectors. So at this point I started to look at turbocharging instead.
Automotive tire Water Road surface Wood Asphalt

Well yeah, I also tried to put the entire electrical system from the donor in my Volvo.
Do I need to say it was a hell lot of cables? 馃槄
So this was a no-go. It was to much that I had to cut in almost every wire to make the length suit my smaller car, would've taken me forever to do 馃檲
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1987 Volvo 740
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So I asked a friend of mine how I should to with the compressor. If I should continue with it since I love torque more than horses. Nothing beats a good 0-100km/h (0-60mph) rather than topping of somewhere 300km/h (if the facts are right, the theoretical topspeed of the gearbox is 420km/h, 260mph). So he said to me, Turbos. Since i grew up with Volvo I started to look at Mitsubishi turbos, generally the 16T and 19T (the Mitsubishi one's are a common oem option on many Volvo's). I already had a 16T laying around from the last engine that was in this car, but he said no to them.

He said that he had a Holset HX35w (china) in his garage from a build that took another route so this was never used. But I needed one more because they were rather small he said. So I took it from him wondering why it was better than the other turbo I already had if this were so small.

Then I opened the package and was like, where the h*ll should I fit this one, it's really big 馃槄

The price of it? Like a 10th of what the BW turbo I was looking at shoukd cost me.
Automotive lighting Electric blue Auto part Personal protective equipment Automotive wheel system

So this is a 2l ice cream package, I think it's the biggest one in standard convenient stores, so when I show this pictures to other swedes, they know it's rather a big boy compared to the Volvo turbo.

I also wondered how the heck I should get this to spool up, but my friend was like "trust me", so I hope he knows what he has given me 馃槄 The engine is the 4.2l 32v engine, so there will be 2.1l (128cui) per turbo, just a notch more than the ice cream package its compared to in the pictures 馃槣
Automotive tire Gas Wood Banknote Machine
Automotive tire Wood Vacuum cleaner Plant Gas

So I went home, opened the hood and was like, where should this go? It would be fun if one opened the hood and like "馃憟 Turbos 馃榿馃憤" but I wasn't sure if it really would fit under the hood in such placement. Also the passenger side turbos exhaust would interfere with the chargepipe to the throttle
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive tire Automotive exterior

On the other side it looks really big aswell.
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design

So I started to look at other Audis. Like googled a couple of days on Audi V8 TT's builds, how they did and so on. I also looked at RS models with oem fitment. So I tried that and it wasn't to bad after all. But the "Turbos 馃榿馃憤" wouldnt be there, but that also might be a good thing after all.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle

The intake could fit right below the manifold, which of course would get heated, but it's doable atleast, so I knew from this moment that I needed a large IC to deal with the potential heat.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Wood Automotive lighting

So I took the OEM Boysen manifold and chopped all of, steipped it all the way down. As said, this is my first real build and I needed things to be rather easy for me. There are other wishes in the future such as stainless manifold, maybe a bigger single turbo, maybe two different sizes of turbo and so on. So easy peasy for now to make the car run and when I can drive it, evaluate it and have loads of fun, build an funnier upgrade 馃槉
Gas Machine Motor vehicle Nut Engineering

Yes thats a piece of Swedish railroad I got there, and no I didn't cause any railroad accidents while getting it 馃槣
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper

So the madness began with ordering short and long bends, and some tubing too, and off i were with my very first manifold build 馃檪
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1987 Volvo 740
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So after some measurements I went on and took a piece of cardboard and made some sort of guide of which area I have the framerail on, and how much space there is to play on to make this work propperly.
Automotive tire Machine tool Gas Engineering Differential

It's tight, but I know that from the beginning when I first saw the turbos size.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior

But yeah, it seems manageable atleast
Automotive tire Gas Machine Engineering Wood

So then I began with the manifold. Checking the firing order cylinder 1 and 3, 2 and 4 should be paired on the right side to make some sort of twin scroll application. Not 100% but then I had to make some sort of crossover from the other side, and then I had to really check the length of all runner etc etc. So as said earlier, easy does it.
Motor vehicle Gas Machine Nut Automotive exterior

Test fit in car to give a hint that I'm going the right way. The aluminium tube is representing the intake tube for the turbo.
Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

So a bit more welding. Not the greatest skills, but it starts to become something atleast.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle

Back in the car, still looks ok.
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Auto part Nut

Made a simple turbo stand to make it easier to see that I didn't come in the way for the driveshaft.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Gas Bumper

And a last bend over the top to make it sit on the turbo. Looks a bit trashy, all the angles, not the perfect cut outs and so on. But I think it turned out good after all. In the future it probably will be switched out for a stainless one.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Gas Auto part Engineering

I shortened the housing for the internal wastegate so it wouldn't interfere with the gearbox. But at a later point i shut the wg and removed the clock and went on with external gates.

Byt yeah, my very first selfmade manifold, with no experience before this, I felt rather pleased twith the results of what I manage to do. It sure isn't professionally made but hopefully it will hang on for a year or five so I can register this car as altered with engine and drivetrain swap, and then I can drive it and evaluate and make up my mind if I want to continue with twins or cahnge them to a single one and start making a stainless manifold.
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