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Volvo 740 with Audi V8, Biturbo and Quattro driveline "AWDsome"

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Hello everyone.

I've been around here for a while now reading on many different projects so I thought it was time to share my own project. I've been building this for a while, so it will be a bit old information in the beginning, but still suggestions are welcome because it isn't finished yet and things can always become better.

I've got this car 19 years ago. It's a 1987 Volvo 740 TIC (turbo intercooler). First thing i did was of course to strip it down, repaint it, body kit, big stereo and such things as I guess almost every 18 year olds do to their first car?
So the color of choice was a Volvo "R" color named "Flash Green Metallic". It turned out pretty neat, and with 3x the factory boost it moved alright too. I think it was one of the quicker Volvos in town by that time.
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Anyhow. I guess for some of us a powerfull engine is fun, so the hunt began for something more fun in this thing. Volvos I5 swap is really common and I6's starting to get normal too, so it wasn't really appealing enough. While doing the swap it would also be great to get enough grip since the oem rear axle almost everytime wants to do one wheel burnouts.

So I had this German imported thing standing in my driveway, not registered in Sweden so I couldn't drive it on the roads.

I guess what's about to happen will probably upset few readers, but I began to strip the front end out of the Audi and took out the subframe, suspensions, engine and gearbox.
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It's the older 4.2l 32v V8 lump in this car. Before I got the car from Germany, it was imported from Italy, so it was converted to run on gas/LPG, some of the components are visible on the comming picture.
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After some searching on the Internet and help from a local Audi dealer I got my hands on this information about the fix points of the front cradle.
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So, with the tape measure in my hand I started to measure on the Volvos frame rail. It was alot of measuring to get it all centered and so everything would fit alright within the volvos body. First of the front fixing points came to place, just a notch wider than the oem rail but with a little triangulation it should keep it together.
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The other side came along aswell, just copy the first side and it was done.
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When they were done I could start triangulate for the rear points, I had to cut a bit more of the rail and make more of a cup to make the subframe fit, the rail was also wider than the subframe so i had to make a wedge in to the center to support it.
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And as the front one's, when one side were done it was just to copy it to make it work on the other side.
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When the new attachment points were done, the Audi cradle fitted nicely within the Volvo 👍
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I also had to gut the Volvo strut towers to make the massive Audi suspension come through, pieces of cardboard and metal became a model of where I needed to cut out to make place.
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So, I guess this will be the start of this project since I only could attach 10 pictures.
As said, I've come a bit further than this, but I will get there eventually.

I hope you will enjoy this project despite the sacrilegious unity between the car brands 😊

Until next time

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keep up the work! It is awesome to see.
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