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VR5 starter with 034 flywheel?

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Planning stages of a vrt build for my Audi. Anyone confirm that a VR5 starter does or doesn't work with 034s longi flywheel?

answered, it does.

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um I wanna know too, are you running single disc or tilton fw?

I do have a cut open o1e bellhousing /mockup trans to check fitment on stuff like this
I think we neeed to get a vr5 unit for tsting
I would be running their flywheel with the clutchamsters fx850 setup. Already working on getting a vr5 starter from overseas.
you have VW: 012911023 BOSCH: 0001107070 enroute?

also get yourself a mk4 12v timing cover so you don't have to cut the trans/chaincovers, lmk I have spares
Not yet. But yes that's what I will be getting. How much for a cover? You can PM me.

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Waiting for my adapter plate hopefully this week and oil pan. Then there will be an and...

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bump for the answer. this is in no way meant to say 034s starter sucks or is over priced or start any drama, i was just on the path of attaining knowledge for this swap here and this is what happened. also, its much easier to call up 034 and order their starter, then try and get one of these off of
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