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whats your odometre sitting at?

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just wondering what the average mi/km are for the older audi's still kicking around.

my 94 Audi S4 is at 209500km as of today.
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Pretty sure there's already a thread on this but ill play your silly game.

275,000 miles on my daily 200
267,000 miles on my a4
206841 and the odo has been broken since i got it 2yrs ago lol
312,000 or so, and yes there is already a thread on it ;)

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i figured there was one already, just did not search. sorry guys.
155,xxx on the 93v8q :)
212,xxx on the 03 passat
88 5000TQ with 190126 miles but went 8 months with a broken odo gear.
280,000 broken, but more like 300,000+
87 5kq with 62000
90 20v sedan with 103000
Like having two new cars!
New urS4 is at 188k. White S4, 190k when crashed. Green S4 at 288k when disassembled. 200 20v Sedan 353k. 20v wagon has 349k. Coupe has 240k. Scirocco has 250k. Son's Indigo 200 20v was at 206k when he bought it 3yrs ago LOL..Sold our last 4kq with 410+.. All our B3 90 20v's had over 200k..The 10v 200 pearl wagon 245k, the 10v 200 lago sedan was at 270...the flat black 5ktq had 332k. And the black 5kt had 220k..The caddy was at 190k but the floor pans were toast..Eurovan was low at 140 ahahahaa..the loaner B5 Passat has 258k. The supercharged A4 only has 137k..
155K on the CQ
101K on the A6
Did I mention the 5k has the original clutch and an alleged ~300 chp ?
I gots my new (to me) 92 UrS4 and it's sitting just shy of 257k.
Your all sitting so high on the miles. I thought I was at a lot
121,000 on my 1991 200
236k miles on the S6
124k miles on the 4kq odo been broken from previous owner he estimated it was around 200k, i've had it for 6 months now driven sparingly, only when its nice out or in 2 feet of snow late at night, before they get salt on the road.
My daily 1996 L9000 with a Detroit 60 AKA the Detroit smoker!!!!! :D :D :D
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398000 kms on original engine, clutch and tranny not even a head gasket

1997 URS6


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