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which oil to rear diff on coupe quattro 20V ?

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In etka is wrote to use G052145S2 = 75W90 full synthetic, but one service man told me,that is recommend to use a 75W140...I´ve already bought diff oil, this
Liqui Moly (GL4+) SAE 75W-90 Is it good option and how much oil get to diff?
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Should be good since it says it satisfies GL5 specs. 75W90 is fine.
The factory fluid is $$$ here you probably have better options in Europe castrol, fuchs etc. It just under a quart for filling the rear diff 0.8.
OK, i am glad that oil which i choose its enough for my use....Thank you
Transmission is 75w90 GL4. Rear diff is straight 90 GL5.
What people's opinion on Fuchs gl5 75/90 for the rear diff? Bought 2l today to do my rear diff this weekend.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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