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Wideband controllers, where to start?

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I'm looking at all the wideband controllers that you guys have on your site, and just don't know where to start.

I have the IIc ECU on a 3B engine and would like a solution which rolls up into the current ECU software if possible. Gauge is nice, though not a necessity. It would also be great if the sensor is an industry standard.
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For the IIc our stage 1 wideband controller is the best fir out there. Our controller uses a 'standard' Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor (same sensor Audi, VW, AEM, Innovate, etc. used), ties directly into the ECU via the CAN bus, has 2 additional programmable 0-5v outputs if you want to drive a gauge and/or seperate logger.
Excuse the ignorance but what is the CAN bus? The serial interface?
CAN is a type of serial interface, but probably not the interface you were thinking.

CAN is an industrial/automotive signaling scheme that is well suited to noisy automotive applications.
The Stage 2 ECU has a CAN bus interface, which the Aim/Bosch dash has used, now it also supports our fully digital wideband controller.

These 2 signals (CAN_H and CAN_L) are on the black connector.
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