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Will 255/40-17 on A6 Fat Fives fit on a B5 A4 Avant Quattro?

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Is there any chance 255/40-17's on a set of A6 Fat-5's (17x8 ET-35 I believe) will fit on a B5 A4 Avant Quattro?
I'm looking at some wheels and they have basically new Michelin Pilot Sports on there with 255/40-17's.
I'm at stock ride height with S4 Springs on a B5 Avant so the front is actually lifted about 1/4 - 1/2".
I know its going to be Super tight and if I was lowered would likely not fit. My hope in the rear is that as the tire moves up it would tuck in at the top.
The front though with the 4-link doesn't change camber as much so that may be an issue.
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i did it, with umm i think like 245/40's or 45's i think. i can ask Firestone tomorrow if it is super important, but i think i couldnt fit them with the 255's on there. all stock suspension BTW.

i think the 255's were too wide and hit the tie rod.

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And dont worry about asking Firestone. Doesn't matter why just yet, Just needed to know if there was an issue. Seems like 255 may not work. I'm betting a 5mm spacer would make them hit the fender.
I suppose I can just buy the wheels and try to sell the tires. Then get new ones. I want the Fat-5's, but the guy has pretty new Pilot Sports mounted.

And Thanks for the Pics. :pics:
I Love the wheels. Now I have to do it. ;-)
they made the car look 200% different, MUCH more sporty. i really liked the way it turned out.
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