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will this tow hitch work on an 87 4000cs?

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The fact that they list is specifically for your car, doesn't imply that to you?

I don't think anyone from AutoAnything is on the boards here, you might be better off contacting them for more specifics.
Yes thats what it implies, but Im looking for a confirmation from someone who has experience with the 4000s and can tell just by looking at the mounting points if this looks feasable. I doubt that a rep from a place called "AutoAnything" has any experience with my car.
I put this hitch on my first 4000s quattro, the bumpers on the early car are little stronger, I imagine if you cut a small hole in the plastic bumper of a 4000cs you could fit this hitch to your car. no more than max 1500 lbs towing, and tongue weight is max 150lbs. I used some heavy duty bolts, and larger over sized washers to mount mine... ... curt-11507
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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